Plans/advice for November (Josephine of Merinita)

Hey friends!

So, November's coming up soon, and I had spent time thinking about my plans for the daily November posting. As things currently look, I was thinking of posting a Magus, and having a Magi of Hermes-style advancement throughout November - a weekly advancement post, and the rest of the days used to describe and explore the magical items and spells they designed.

Now here's the question: Do you think it would be a more interesting thing to have the magi advance on the traditional 15-year increments, or would you prefer seeing the mage advance in 7-year increments so they could show up at tribunals with some advancement, if people wanted to make use of them in their own games?

  • Traditional 15-year advancements
  • Tribunal 7-year advancements

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EDIT: Here's a link!


This is a good idea and I thank you for it!


I tend to build my own magi in increments of 5 years which is more granular. Looking forward to see what you'll contribute!

I second the really good idea, especially the advancement once a week.

I look forward for the results and one day I hope to have enough confidence to start a Post a Day, but for now I'll watch. (even though I really like the idea of advancing a Magus for an entire irl month)

I also really like the idea of the 7-year increments related to the Tribunal meetings to "show off" their new abilities to their peers.

I’m curious what sort of maga/magus concept you’re thinking of doing.

I'm planning on doing a Merinita magus who's based on one of the NPCs from my home saga that the players really like.
Weird magical focus, not going too deep into any Mysteries, and I'll be probably grabbing a Faerie Familiar.

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I like the finer increments of 7 years.

Can I suggest building a few custom spells using Merinata RDTs during your advancement? So few of those published. Edit: Or maybe I'll post a few :slight_smile:

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What is RDT?

Range, Duration, Target. So the special ones that Faerie Magic allows such as Road, Fire, Until, etc. which start on p92 in the Core book.

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I have at least 1 lined up for fire, and will plan more I hope.

Awesome raccoon. I think I'll start a thread as well to contribute some mystery and virtue-dependent spells for November, and if anyone wants to help in with that idea, I'd welcome contributors.


Do you want feedback here or in the Josephine thread, raccoon?

I prefer feedback here, to keep the thread clean. Thanks for asking!

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The Treacherous Cloak (MoH 100) uses ReAn 1. It's similar to what you designed. You shouldn't need a higher base for a concentration spell, however see Constraint of the Strangling Vestments (MoH 57) if you're contemplating a non-concentration version.

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I just wanted to thank you.
So far, I've been enjoying Josephine very much, in all aspects. There's a lot of work, imagination and love involved, and I very much apprecriate you doing all this.

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Awww... thanks!
A lot of the conceptual work was done by my players interacting with my Jonequil in our Stonehenge saga, and then having to make up reasons why she existed in her current form (You'll see what they are dealing with around +14 or +21 years)

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That's a good point... Though, I think that may be the only use-example of ReAn 1 I've actually seen... and the fact it's 'manipulate' at two lower magnitudes than the ReHe 'control' makes me not completely sold on that usage. Do we have any other examples of what ReAn 1 can do elsewhere, I didn't find anything in my brief search of PDFs.

I recommend using the hermetic grimoire for those research - it's incredibly handy as a compilation. Bind Fast and the jongleur's steps appear to be the other published applications of that guideline.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I need to add the Grand Grimoire of Hermetic Spells to my toolbox.

I'm still not sure about the base 1 for strangling someone (I don't feel totally comfortable with all the decisions made in Magi of Hermes), especially when the Constraint of Strangling Vestments used the ReHe 10 as a base, I feel more comfortable using the ReHe 3 as a base instead of the ReAn 1 'manipulate an item'.

Your saga may vary, use what's comfortable to you. For an online posted, generally available spell, I'm going to be more cautious on what I allow than in my home game.