30 days of little spells

Some days ago, I heard my players with young magi said me : "We can do nothing with our art's scores."
Often, during my games as player, I have some experimentation points in my lab, too little for great spells, but enough for a 2nd magnitude spell or lesser.
Often, I like imagine a magi with some spells that he launches just for habit, some spells enough little to be in auto-cast.

So, I'm lauching in this little challenge. 2 little spells by a day, picking in various form and techniques, maximum third magnitude.

  1. MuCo 10 & MuIg 4
  2. PeHe 5 & PeCo 5
  3. InVi 5 & PeIg 10
  4. MuTe 10 & MuMe 5
  5. ReIm 5 & PeIg 10
  6. ReTe 5 & CrMe(Ig) 10
  7. ReMe 10 & MuIm 10

I'm a German now
MuCo 10
R : Personnal, D : moon, T : individual
Boring to be considered as an outsider each time she's walking between mondains in the Rhine Tribunal. She's used to repeat his spell day after day. The spell changes her skin to pale, her hair to blond and straight and her eyes to blue.

(base 3, moon +3)

Fire without smoke
MuIg 4
R : Touch, D : Sun, T : individual
This spell stops the emission of smoke of a fire, like a campfire or in a fireplace. Designed by Eritrya ex-Flambeau at the first to stay stealthy during her expedition, she took the habits to use it all time, to avoid the smoke in her eyes.
(base 1, Touch +1, Sun +2)

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Clear the Way
PeHe 5
R : touch, D : instant, T : individual
This spell is simply use to destroy a fallen tree who blocks a path.
(lvl 4, touch +1)

Clear the Way (flawed version)
PeHe 5
R : touch, D : instant, T : individual
This spell is simply use to destroy a fallen tree who blocks a path. After the spell, there stays on place a brass of branch, just good size for a fireplace or a campfire.
(lvl 4, touch +1)

Agilia ex-Bjornaer was primus of a mountain covenant in the frontier between Provence and Iberia Tribunal when she crafts this spell. Major part of the silver of her covenant came from merchant between mountain village and town in valley and fallen trees who block the path and annoys the merchant were, year after year a real threat for her business.
Her experiment leads to a minor flaw. This version was also known as "A tree in a wood for fire".

She gave the version with flaw to Duremar, and the free flaw to Crintera, both under the same name "clear the way". Now, few years later, you are not sure which version you buy...

The curse of the warrior
PeCo 5
R : Voice, D : Mom, T : individual
The spell creates a blister on the right hand of a warrior or an archer. This really light burn hinders the target who need to make a roll of brave+stress roll, target 6 to take his sword or use his bow.
(base 3, voice +2)


Lot n°3

an odour of sanctity
InVi 5
R : Personnal, D : concentration, T : smell
When you cast this spell, you can scent the presence of a divine aura. The scent will be caracteristic like the scent of the encense. You can follow the scent, as long as you continue to concentrate. A Perception stress roll of 6+ is needed to follow the scent.
(base 2, concentration +1, smell +2)

Very useful for people with a susceptibility, the range of this spell allows to be aware for the aura before touching it. This spell exists in 4 versions, one for each realm and the scent depends of the realm concerned.

Whisky on the rock
PeIg 10
R : Touch, D : mom, T : part
This spell is used to freeze a glass of whisky and chill his content, to drink this on the best temperature. This spell was experimented by Tenore ex-Jerbiton, a magi known for his immoderate taste for whisky. The minor flaw who makes this limited to one drink was kept by the magi, who only drink this...

Lot n°4
A trap of Sand
MuTe 10
R : Voice, D : Sun, T : individual
This spell changes an area of 10' diameter of dirt / earth on 8' profond to quicksand. At the end of the duration, the area will return to former state, trapping all is inside.
(base 2, voice +2, sun +2)

I wasn't there
MuMe 5
R : eyes, D : moon, T : individual
This spell allows to change the memory of one people. The change is subtle, just the memory of who were there, and who touched him. The swap is made with someone who are the most anonymous possible.
(base 1, eyes +1, moon +3)


Lot n°5

Find it, if you can !
ReIm 5
R : Touch, D : Sun, T : individual
The spell is used to lose people. The sign will appear pointing in a different direction from the basic one.
(base 2, touch +1, sun +2)

Sweet night, my sodales
PeIg 10
R : Touch, D : mom, T : Room
Created by a Flambeau apprentice, this spell was used during a long time in Castra Solis to extinguish candles in the main room. The spell extinguishes all candles in a room without smoke.
(base 3, +1 Touch, +2 room)


Lot n°6

a silver jewel
ReTe 5
R : Touch, D : mom, T : individual
This spell is used to model a single coin of silver in an artistic jewel. A perception + finess roll is need to determine the quality of the work. (ease factor 6, 9 or 12 depends of the details wanted.
(base 2, touch +1, metal work +2)

Like a hot milk mug after a nightmare
CrMe(Ig) 10
R : Touch, D : concentration, T : ind
Helps to comfort someone, giving them a feeling of both warmth and protection, calming the strongest emotions; like warm milk after a night terror.

(Base 4, +1 touch, +1 concentration, requisite free)

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Lot n°7

I need to be awake
ReMe 10
R : Personnal, D : sun, T : Ind
This spell was created by Serene ex-Bonisagus, a maga specialist on the laboratory work. She hoped win against the natural fatigue and be able to work a full season without sleeping. She understood her mistake after some days.
This spell acts on the mental state of the caster to keep him awake. But, like the use of some drugs, the fatigue due to the awakening time will be staken. After the spell, the caster will be more tired, like after a normal sleepless night.
(base 4, +2 sun)

Your sweet bear
MuIm 10
R : Touch, D : sun, T : ind
This spell change the feeling of a simple doll in a teddy bear. This change the look, the touch and the smell of the doll.
This spell was designed by Taryn ex-Bonisagus for her filia, an apprentice claimed to a master Tytalus who had traumatized her. The toy changed by this way helped her to let her fears and found again the sleep.

(base 3, +1 touch, +2 sun)


Lot n°8

Where the odor come from
InAu 4
R : pers , D : concentration , T : smell
When you cast this spell, you must choice one smell that you perceive. You can follow the scent, as long as you continue to concentrate. A Perception stress roll of 6+ is needed to follow it. If the scent has more than one source, you will follow one randomly.

(base 1, +1 concentration, +2 smell)

You have no reason to fight me
PeMe 10
Causes the target to forget the reason for him to fight against the caster. The target cannot remember the reason during the spell's duration. After the delay, he can with some outside help, by making an Intelligence + Concentration strell roll of 9+. If the target fails, he may try 2 minutes later, but each additionnal roll add +1 to the difficulty.

(base 4, +1 eye, +1 diameter)

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Lot n°9

Stop the burning judgment
PeIg 10
R : Voice ; D : moment, T : individual
This spell is used to extinguish a brasier, before it become too powerfull. It's mainly used to save witch (more often wise-one or magi) to be burned by the Church. This spell can extinguish only the fire if its damage are below +5. There are other version for more dangerous fire.
(base 4, voice +2)

Fly, little false bird
ReAu 10
R : Sight, D : Diametre, T : individual
The caster launches a little paperwork (like a bird in origami) in an existing wind. The magi will direct the winds to carry the origami to its destination. The wind must be able to reach the destination. The precision of the journey depends on an aiming roll. The object should not weigh more than a quarter of a pound.

(Base 2, +1 diametre, +3 sight)


Lot n°10

Gift of the cheesemaker
MuAn 5
R : Touch, D : sun, T : individual
This spell ages a piece of cheese for 12 months in a few seconds. A fresh cheese reaches a certain level of ripeness, making it stronger in taste.
This spell was invented by Tenore ex-Jerbiton, a member of the tribunal of Normandy during his stay at the Stonehenge Tribunal, because he missed strong French cheese.
(base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun)

No matter what the bottle, I'll get drunk
MuAq 10
R : Touch, D : Sun, T : part
The spell changes the liquid into a bottle or a glass into an excellent wine. The most advantage (except the price of the bottle) is that the alcohol will disappear at the end of the spell as the effect of this. In practice this spell, in addition to the taste, allows to drink without any hangover at the morning.
(base 1, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 part)

(the title is a reference to a French quotes : "Qu'importe le flacon, pourvu qu'il y ait l'ivresse.")

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Lot n°11

My little wooden bridge
CrHe 5
R : Touch, D : concentration, T : individual
This spell can create a bridge over a river, not more 20 ft of long for 5 ft of large. The bridge will seems to be a tree fallen accross the river.
(base 3, +1 concentration, +1 touch)

What can I eat, here ?
InHe 10
R : pers, D : concentration, T : smell
This spell allows the user to search what plants he can eat without be sick. The scent of the plants will be stronger, as long as you continue to concentrate. A Perception stress roll of 6+ is needed to follow the scent. If there is no plant of the relevant type fairly close by (close enough to smell), you smell nothing, although the spell still works.
(base 3, +1 concentration, +2 smell)

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Lot n°12

For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return
PeTe 10
R : Touch, D : mom, T : ind
Weakens and possibly destroys a demon. If the spell penetrates the demon’s Magic Resistance, the elemental loses Might Score equal to 5.
(General - lvl 5-, +1 touch)

The fear of the cook
CrIm 10
R : voice, D: concentration, T individual
The spell creates an illusion of a rate who can move on the floor and making noise to attire the attention on it.
(base 2 - sight and hear-, voice +2, concentration+1, complexity +1 -moving)

Lot n°13
Knowing who is the leader of the pack
InAn 10
R : personnal, D : mom, T : hearing
The spell allows you to differentiate the alpha wolf pair of a pack among the cries and growls of an entire pack. Castered during a howl at the moon, it allows to locate the two leaders with precision.

(base 3, +2 voice)

I won't lost any drop of water
ReAq 10
R : voice, D : concentration, T : part
The caster of the spell must touch a container that will be filled by water around him, such as a small stream of water, a puddle, a small rain,... The water will be diverted to fill the container. When it is full, the water will not continue to be diverted, even if the spell continues to work. If the container is emptied during the concentration, the water will refill again the container. The container can't be bigger than 1 cubic square and, if the stream is too strong, only a part of it will be derivated. (If you try with a river, the river won't stop to flow).
(base 1, +2 voice, +1 concentration, +1 part)

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