403 Forbidden page

I get a 403 Forbiddem page everytime I try to access from home.
My ISP does not provide an static IP (they even proibites it).
How can I avoid/fix this?

Im having the same problem across the board, on my phone, at home and at work...

I even thought I'd been banned though I haven't posted anything in forever and certainly nothing that would get me banned... also, no reply to this in over a week, whats going on?



Looks like forum admin blocks a wide range of IPs (cannot blame then when there are lots of bots trying to post spam all the time, that sucks)

403 is a rare ocorrunce now. I guess just pe patient and admins will try to liberate your conecction somewhat. Meanhile you can try somekind of "hide my ass" service or use Tor Browser to try to connect from an non blocked IP range

Yeah I've PMed Michelle Nephew and she said the message was being forward, but right now my only access is over the phone line, sporadically...

So... it’s been a while now, still no access... :frowning:

I now have full access to the forums.

Thanks? :slight_smile:


please forgive me for necro'ing this thread. Since last year i've been unable to access the forum from home becasue of the 403 error. Looking for a solution i've tried posting a ticket at "http://www.atlas-games.com/contact.php" to no avail.

Thank you for your help