500 Internal Server Error

Has been quite common today.
Refreshing pages.
Loading pages for the first time.

Doesn't seem to matter. Just an FYI...

I thought this might be a post as to the cause/resolution of the problem, so I clicked the link.... and got a 500 Internal Server Error :smiley:

It's been like this for me (in the UK) for about 3 days now.


Part of my evil plan.

I've let our webmaster Wendy know. Thanks for the heads up.

Had a couple of these again today (from the UK); it's been fine for a while now though.


Our webmaster reports that the updates she just did, in response to complaints that the forums were having a lot of problems, went well. Please let me know if you're still having trouble. Thanks.

I think theres something up with the server at the minute, ill let neil know for you.