5th Edition PDFs

Are there currently any plans to release realms of power: the divine or covenants as PDFs? I'd also like to know about rop: the infernal and the mysteries (revised) but its probably a bit soon for those.

While I would always buy the physical book (to read), I find it very handy to have the PDFs on my laptop to avoid carrying half a tonne of books just for one or two obscure references.

Past experience indicates they would be released as pdfs when they are out of print. We'll see.


Although I'm still waiting for the main AM5 book even though it is on 2nd printing.

But once again I vote they bring everything out simultaneously pdf and print.

If they only PDF when something is out of print, I guess that the main book will never see it, unless the line finishes or 6th edition comes out :frowning:

Atlas has made it clear previously that they do not intend to publish the core book as a pdf. That's the "evergreen" product all the rest of the line garners support for, and publishing it in pdf will (so I gather they reason) lower the demand for it.

But who knows, maybe they will release it as pdf in the future. I can tell you my friends already have a pirated pdf, I don't think they are losing sales to piracy (on the contrary, a legal option would reduce piracy as the illegal pdf is currently the only option). But it's their choice.


My understanding is when the fourth edition pdf went out (for free, which is a different circumstance) sales of the fourth edition core book dropped by a great deal (perhaps more than half but that may be my faulty memory).