5th edition Storyguide Screen?


Is there a 5th Ed Screen available please?



I don't believe that there is an Atlas produced product...
Check this out, though: mad-irishman.net/pub_ars.htm ... _screen_50.

We don't publish an ArM5 screen, but I can personally endorse the customize-your-own Savage World screen that's behind the link. I use it when I run Trail of Cthulhu and the ability to customize the screen to your personal style and needs is awesome.

New player to OtE, therefore reading the books for the first time.
During this, I noticed some missing text: "In recent years a rumor has arisen that some members of the faculty", therefore I wonder if there at one point in time was an errata for this?

Missing text is on p. 86 under the Faculty headline.

This has come up before. It's an update from the first edition of OTE's The Faculty to the second but it apparently wasn't completed, so you can probably feel free to ignore it.