6e question

Hi all,

Quick question: Is there a release date (or confirmed 'yup, it's coming out someday') for 6th Edition? I've scrolled through the forums and not found anything, but wanted to double check. I'm about to start a 5e saga for the first time in some years and am quite eager. I'm thinking of picking up several of the 5e books, but if the new edition is around the corner I'd rather spend the money on them. Was just wondering if it's a "Yup, within the year," or "we're working on it now but we aren't far along" or "5e is awesome! We don't need no stinkin' 6e!"

I love this game!

It´s this, essentially... unless you like gumshoe. In this case, maybe wait a moment for "Magic Shoes" (no, it´s not the 6th edition of Ars Magica, but perhaps you like it anyway). Otherwise: play 5th edition! Most of us do, I think.

To the best of my knowledge, there are currently not even plans to start work on a 6th edition.
You should be able to safely invest in the 5th edition and know that you will be using the current edition for years to come.

I believe this is the company position.

Some ideas have been floated about spin-offs, but they are spin-offs, not core Ars Magica.

When I win the lottery (one day) I plan to buy Ars Magica and make 6e. Until then, I think you're safe. :wink: