A&A Medicine questions

Can you use the corresponding elements to effect the humours? e.g. use the element of air (auram) to effect the blood? How about if the magus has Elemental Magic? Or if they are using corpus would they get a bonus to effect the blood from an auram affinity?

Intellego corpus spells can be used to see the targets complexion - there are no guidelines for the different levels of detail. There are different uses for information gained such as

  1. To see their overall complexion to gain a better understanding of the person.
  2. To see what injuries/illness are affecting them, and how they are causing an imbalance, so that mundane medicines can be used to cure them

Can you inhibit or remove the body's ability to create a specific humour? Can the symptoms be relieved by ingesting that humour?
Curse of the Vampire
R:V, D:Moon, T:P
The targetted person loses the ability to produce blood until the spell wears off. They quickly become unwell, and if correctly diagnosed can survive by drinking the blood of other people. They may be able to drink the blood of animals, but will gain that animals behaviour traits.

Example Spell:
Seal the vents of the body
ReCo 30
R:V, D:C, T:P
This spell causes the lips and nose of the target person to pinch together stopping the passage of air.
This spell causes the target to fall unconcious, then die.
Base 10, +2 voice, +1 conc, +1 part

Example Spell:
Panic of the sparodic heart
ReCo 10
R:T, D:S, T:P
When you touch a person's chest and feel their heartbeat you can cast this spell which causes their heart to beat irregularly. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. If the person tries to exert themselves during a slow period, they gain fatigue at a higher rate. This spell indirectly effects the amount of vital faculty a person produces.
Base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 part

Due to the child characteristic modifiers, children under the age of 6 will have a stamina of -5. The average child will 'always' catch even the simplest of diseases. In the case of the common cold, the mild form has a stable factor of 4. Which means that a child without access to medicine needs to roll a 9 or higher to remain stable for the next week. This means that 4/5 children will contract the common cold, then 4/5 of them will worsen in a week. Every year, when the autumn/winter seasons arrive nearly all of the children in an area will contract the common cold, and nearly all of them will worsen until they die. This is even worse for people with negative living conditions.

Diseases and flaws
It is hard to see how flaws work within diseases - does the flaw become permanent, or only work as long as they suffer from the disease? For example would a blindness be temporary, or are their eyes damaged by the disease? This is especially important for hermetic abilities - can a plague permanently remove someone's gift?
What if a disease confers a flaw that impedes the ability to think - such as conferring the flaw simple-minded.

Botching recovery rolls
There is nothing mentioned in the given text, or the core rulebook for what happens when a recovery roll is botched. Is the disease recovery roll a no-botch stress die, or does it have devastating consequences?

Crafting a disease with magic
Most times when something is being created with magic you must know how to create it manually, or have a good idea of what it is and how it works. Does a magus need a medicine score to create a disease, or is the general knowledge of diseases sufficient?
If a magus creates a disease, is it magical and therefore blocked by Parma/Aegis etc.
Can a magus catch a disease he himself created?

Personally I would say this would require a Hermetic Breakthrough, much as influencing personality in the same way would be.

This is effectively creating a disease

Medicine is biased towards prompting the body to produce the correct humour, rather than deriving it externally. So you would normally consume red meat to replace blood, rather than ingesting blood directly.

Childhood mortality is notoriously high in the Middle Ages...but probablu not this high! You could handwave this by saying that infants have a higher Living Conditions Modifier because they are kept safe and warm by their mothers, and given the best food for their temperament (i.e. breast milk).

There isn't a flaw which does this, so no.

Clearly not all flaws are appropriate to diseases, but this one is. The Flaw will last as long as the disease, so only those which are Lifelong would be permanent. However, unlike actually possessing the Flaw, disease-induced blindness (or whatever) can be fixed magically.

It is definitely not a no-botch stress die - since it doesn't specify, this cannot be assumed. It's up to you. A botched wound recovery roll might result in gangrene. A botched disease recovery roll might result in a drop in two levels of severity, rather than one.

That's up to the SG, I would say probably yes.

Yup. If it is the result of a spell, then it is treated no differently from any other spell

Can a magus be burned by a fire he himself created? Hell yeah.