A Bucaneers guide to Trouble (Northern Crown)

Campaign Title: A Bucaneers Guide to Trouble
System: Northern Crown d20.
Players Wanted: 5-8.
Posting Rate: 2-4 times a week.
Combat Rules: Post actions, Summary Round posted by GM
Dice-Rolling Rules: All Dice rolling will be done by DM.
Advancement Rules: Levels Gained at the speed of Plot.
Special Rules: I will be running this pretty much straight from the books. Limiting to the NC Books. Though I do want everyone to create a Characters 3x3x3.
Deadline: May 18th (I may extend this as I havent got all the final creation Rules set yet.)
Campaign Description:Â The players will be characters in and around the Carib portion of Northern Crown. They can be of any Culture or Class found in the Northern Crown Books. More info will follow as I get players interested as the adventures will be tailored to the characters.

Count me in, though I'm not sure what type of PC as of yet.

Really looking forward to playing in a game run by you again.

OK Ive got the creation rules so I will extend the timeline for One week from today So New Deadline is Tuesday, May 22 Abd THe following creation rules are to be followed

Point But at 28 Points. Only THe PHB Northern Crown Books to be used. However I can and willl consider other books if asked, However Please have a reason fr a specific FEAT.

Also each character will need to have a 3x3x3 written. This is a total of 9 NPCs created from Your characters History. 3 Friends, 3 aquaintances/Contacts, and 3 Enimies/

Any questions please ask.

can you PM me your e-mail?
what level do the PCs start at?

What about stuff from Stormwrack? :slight_smile:



I believe I'm gonna run a Sorcerer/Agent PC. Just a daring Albion lookin' for a little fun in the sun...and of course, adventure.

I'll PM you a rough draft tomorrow.

OOPs.. sorry... STart at level 5

Im gonna say no to storm wrack..I dont have the book and I want to limit it as much to Just NC Stuff...

I'm definitely interested... I've got a Francais Witch I've had in mind since I got the books.

You are most definatly welcome. That makes 3 which is enough to get me motivated to build a forum...:slight_smile: Look for it this week

Huzzah! Huzzah!

I'm a little too excited to play NC here at this site. I'll PM you my more refined PC later tomorrow, and my 3x3x3 also.

So we've got an Albian Sorcerer/Agent and a Francais Witch...what will you be playing qstor?

Thayan, you'll have my 3x3x3 for my PC by tomorrow.

How are things going? Are we done recruiting or are we waiting for more to join?

We are pretty much done.. I want to apologize I havent got Michelle that email to create our own forum... Ill try and get that tonight

no worries. Thanks for letting us know what's up.

I trust everything's okay with my character? I figure she was kind of odd, so I wasn't sure...


I stepped out for a little while. I'm still very much interested in the game if we're still on. Ready to "yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum" and all that good stuff. Thanks.