A Compendium of Twilight Scars

I thought it might be handy to post some Twilight Scars as ideas for others to crib from or be inspired by. A good twilight scar is a pretty cool thing - a reminder of the wizard's history, and also at times a window into their magic or wizardly nature.

We may have cribbed some of these from books or online sagas - if so, apologies, but after 4 years we have lost track.

So, in my sagas:

Eyes tear up when looking at a cross or crucifix. (A botch during the Ghoul of St. Lazare)
Smoke erupts from ears and nostrils when angered.
Always wakes up at the time they want to.
Hair and clothing never mussed by rain or storm.
Touch purifies water.
Those who speak ill of the magus and are within sight of him get nosebleeds.
Appearance changes to reflect mood (minor bonuses to appropriate interpersonal ability checks - a particularly nasty Muto Corpus botch that was comprehended.)
Lost items call out to the magus. (An Imaginem botch)
Fluid things attempt to take on a spherical shape around the magus (usually candle flames, spilled liquids, puffs of smoke, etc. Just prior to his initiation into Hermetic Geometry.)
Magus turns to stone when he sleeps
Places the magus leaves immediately begin to smell of rot (the new necromancer's first Twilight)
Anything the magus touches or wears is made clean, polished, or otherwise looks as nice as it possibly can be.

Anyone want to add their own? I'll note more as I go through my saga records...


Ah, some more leap to mind:

The magus leaves muddy footprints.
Animals around the maga are well-inclined towards her; +1 to Animal Handling rolls (Rego Animal botch with the maga who was already inoffensive to animals).
Magus hair turns chalk-white when wet.

Generally we end up with physical malformations or blatant wizard sigils. I have to confess it is not one of those areas we are very much into. Hoever, those are a pair we always enjoyed and used extensively when in play IMS

Everybody in the room feels that the magus is talking to them if they can hear his conversation. Great for influencing audiences. Very bad to talk ill of people

Weapons turn hot in the presence of the magus. (flame blade botch). Nice when you enter an armoury and the place catches fire.

Magus repels insects. He developed a nice honey hobby

Everything the magus touches suffers a light wound due to extreme cold.

Everyone the magus looks closely feels the fear of those hunted by a pack of wolves (a variant of piercing gaze). If the magus growls even slightly the subject is likely to flee in terror.

Ghosts will be attracted to the magus, and tutor him for being a bad boy before any serious conversation. All the ghosts think the magus is their naughty grandchild, even if they had no children or grandchildren themselves.


The two (both positive) that came up recently in my saga are:

  • The magus feels comfortably warm to people standing near him, like they are standing next to a stone that had been placed in a fire.
  • When he jumps, the magus stays in the air a bit longer than one would expect.

Ah, some more:

The magus is uncannily light on his feet and has a graceful spring in his step. (Magus in question had the Obese flaw)

The magus sparkles in sunlight.:stuck_out_tongue:

The magus' shadow can be harmed as if it were an extension of his body
(driving a nail into a wall the magus' shadow is on would cause a nail-like wound on the magus. The magus' shadow, were it to pass through a burning fire, might cause the magus to being smoking, and combust if left there too long. A negative scar, for sure)

A few I have considered

Voice seems to echo from different directions as the mage speaks
Gives of a sickly sweet odor that if in a confined room turns stomachs after a few minutes
When in warmer seasons, butterflies gather and land on the magus
Worms, bugs, any earth bound insect rises from the soil where the magus walks
Clothes worn slowly disintegrate over the course of a moon cycle, eventually becoming dusty tattered rags
Air around magus dries and warms, during the heat of summer it feels like a desert wind
Any cooked food, reverts to it's raw state when eaten by the magus
Magus cannot walk in a straight line, even when doing so, her course is altered unconsciously
Tolling of church bells causes a sulfur stench to arise around the magus ((this one was going to be causing a lot of problems))
When singing, the song muffles or silences all other sounds in a room
Hair is constantly falling out leaving the magus not bald, but rather with patches of missing hair
Animals and people who spend long amounts of time around the maga become overly sensual and obsessed with sex
Animals and people who spend long amounts of time around the maga nearly always become pregnant

Hair grows several inches each day, possibly with rapid fingernail growth as well
Hair 'blows' in the opposite direction of the wind (an old White Wolf classic)
Eyes change to those of a cat, with or without vision benefits depending on comprehension roll
Flowers turn to face the magus

Hair blows as if in a gentle breeze, even when there isn't one.
Loss of body hair.
Slight translucency. (Bright lights and similar things with enough contrast could be seen through the character.)
Sweat smells of lavender.
Face is always shadowed somehow.

Half the face is transmuted to pure gold (Terram botch)
When moving, the mages is seen as in a film where some slides are missing (Criamon and Vim botches)

One strongly aligned with the sea Flambeau magi developed the capacity to drink sea water like it would be sweet. I thought very appropiated by his location, more taht the CrIm botch.

Sounds of loud areas follow the magus in a fainter, ghostly form. If he recently had been in a tavern, sounds of the tavern would follow him. If he had been in a battle, ghostlike sounds of battle would be heard.