A conversation before the trip to Visby

"That was merely off the top of my head, to get us started since no other was offering anything concrete, only theory and handwaving. Speak, then - what would you have it read?"

Scipio again sighs, about to depart he pauses and bows slightly towards Vispilius at the voicing of his question. Folding his arms and pacing by the formerly occupied table for a moment he considers. "You engender in me a moment of more calm examination of this matter. Perhaps for the best. I agree that this arrangement, in whatever form it eventually takes, should include a standard method of managing unforeseen passengers. Yet we seem to differ on what means actually can achieve our ends. It is not my place to dictate what another Magus does with his Sanctum. All I can say is that to me the agreement only has weight as a legal action. Anything else is just a bunch of flowery words which say what we would 'like' to do, but do nothing. Having an enumerated list of ceded rights and agreed upon behavior is good. Done properly that is a binding agreement. Yet... I worry that our emphasis wavers."

Scipio pauses, becoming more considered. "I am no legal authority either however. Perhaps we can agree to a draft of this agreement in something close to the currently discussed form with an agreement to consult a legal mind after this initial endeavor?"

Iohannes stands and returns the bow, even though the original was not meant for him, and a shade more deeply.

"I also hope to learn, and trust that we will find a way to bridge these differences, and others that may arise. I have spent most of my years outside lab and library, living among men, and I don't think magi are so very different at heart; I have learned that an outcome is preceded by action, action by intention, and intention by underlying nature, which shall not be papered over by even the finest words." Iohannes flashes a smile. "Yet how else can we speak with each other?

"I intend to seek a resolution that works for all of us, though it may take time."

Scipio nods, hands folding over his abdomen. "For now I think it will do. Something to revisit when our voyage is finished... rather than debate overmuch when we have so little time to prepare for our departure."

Scipio speaks again now, a renewed interest coming to his expression. "Ah, something else occurs to me that it would be wise for us to settle now, before it becomes needed. Our Officers, and their authorities, should be declared. And indeed we should have a clear understanding of our intended Command, both in identity and circumstances applicable. For example I posit that Magus Iohannes should be assumed to have all tactical authority aboard his vessel. It is a natural assumption in my opinion. We still should however have an understood ranking for other situations, and indeed for the contingency of any being incapacitated. Suggestions for both Offices and Officers?"