A copyright question for the staff

Hi guys,

I have a few copyight questions

  • Do I need to have your permission to change the official character sheet for Ars Magica and making it in my eyes better and then send it to you to upload it to players/GMs to use?

  • Is it ok to make a list of all AM spell guidelines for AM5 and have it as a PDF and hand out to people on the forums

  • Is it ok to make a list of AM Form and Material bonuses to a PDF and hand it out to other players on the foums?

Excuse typos, I have 2 fingers in a cast and it is hard to write with a blob of bandages on index/lonhg fingers on main hand :slight_smile:

Check out atlas-games.com/arm5/index.php

There, you'll find, along other things:

  1. Collected spell guidelines :wink: atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... elines.pdf

  2. Collected Form and Material Bonuses by bonus or shape. I believe it may not be up to date, though.

I want to know if it is OK to change their official stuff and give it to other players. Like manipulate their character sheets etc

Hi! Thanks for inquiring first. We really appreciate that.

We have a (well hidden, sorry) section of our website where we talk about what we allow, disallow, and consider fair use:


Have a look and let us know here if you're still not sure about the answer to your question.

Thanks for being a fan!