A Corny NPC Contact, in honor of the UA sale...

In 2020, a Spirit Airlines flight landed in LaGuardia Airport, NYC. Among the masked passengers, one more disembarked than the headcount of who had gotten on the plane. Due to the hectic atmosphere of the time, no one really noticed. Not even the passenger in question.

She was a plucky 20-something young lady about to head off to college, but first she planned to stop at her grandparent's house in Brooklyn and surprise them. However, when she got there, she discovered it wasn't a real house at all, but a refurbished bungalow used as a theatre by a would-be avant garde acting troop.

Frantic, she tried to phone her parents and couldn't get ahold of them. No phone call would connect. She tried to book a trip back home, but not only did her credit cards not work, but her home town of Cheddar Hollow, NY was nowhere on any map.

Resourceful and never-say-die (she'd been harvest festival organizer and Christmas Pageant Queen several years in a row), she got a job with a seedy security camera firm that required no background. It worked with criminals and shady businesses mostly, but it gave her a chance to put out feelers and start figuring out what had happened.

Along the way, she began secretly copying video feeds that contained weird or inexplicable events caught on tape and started selling them on the darkweb under the name "SIGNET" (a pun on her actual last name.) She has slowly become a solid information source for people who need video evidence, visual confirmation of weird rumors or just a camera feed into a clandestine location.

Anyone looking into her won't find much. She has no paper trail and seems to have appeared out of thin air in 2020. But if you meet her in person, you'll encounter a very pretty and enthusiastic young lady more than willing to share stories from her past in Cheddar Hollow.

Like the time the bake shop owner turned out to be a princess from a tiny European nation (also not on any map) and got married to the single father running the competing cupcake store. Or the time the ice skating legend participated in the Christmas Ice Rink Pageant with her and fell in love with the local sheriff, retiring to raise his kids.

Or even how her own mother, a corporate lawyer, met and married her dad who owned a hardware store when she returned to help out at the family Christmas Tree Farm. Her mom, like 9 out of 10 women from Cheddar Hollow before her, gave up her successful job and settled down to raise kids.

That's right, if it happened in a made-for-TV holiday rom-com, it happened in SIGNET's hometown of Cheddar Hollow. The story of her parents getting together is even available for streaming as "A Boyfriend's Dog For Christmas." Her real name is PAIGE HALLMARK, but she's come to learn it's better just to call herself SIGNET or PAIGE.

(The thing is, PAIGE herself never shows up in any romantic Christmas movie. She was born shortly after the story in her mom and dad's movie ended, according to her timeline. She often sees people she knows well when she sifts through these movies desperately online, but she has also met the actors who portrayed them in ways that caused more than a few mental shocks. The actress who played her mother hired bodyguards to protect her from PAIGE and keep her away, but doesn't know her name. It's hard to file an injunction against a non-entity. None-the-less, she always has a romantic comedy playing in the background of her work or home that she's going over with a fine-tooth-comb.)

PAIGE will happily help even the most disreputable member of the occult underground that comes to her for information with a smile. She will openly ask more open-hearted clients to help find information on reality erasures, pocket dimensions and missing towns. She can get frustrated but she isn't stupid. She never gives up if any kind of warm-and-fuzzy human love's involved and she will always extend a hand to someone in need.

However, don't ever suggest she or her hometown aren't real in any way. That makes her fightin' mad.

FEAR: Loneliness
RAGE: Suggesting something someone's memories aren't real
NOBLE: Helping the disenfranchised
OBSESSION: Finding Cheddar Hollow
METERS: (again, just suggestions)
One or two hardened in Supernatural, she can handle seeing weird stuff on screen but it upsets her in person.
Not many other hardened, maybe some in Self or Violence, she's plucky after all.
No Hardened in Isolation. She hates being alone.

She's an Otherworldly Expatriate, of course she can: guess something might not fit into reality, quote lines from romance movies, spout statistics that don't make sense, confuse people with physical and social laws that don't quite work, spot people who should fall in love.
Suggested: Substitutes for Self

She's a Shady Surveillance Expert, of course she can hack into an CCTV system, record an important event in a specific location (with its own camera), sift through electronic recordings, recommend a better (or worse) security firm, find camera blind spots.

Here's the historical ancestor of such stories of changed personality: an elaborate prank of Filippo Brunelleschi:

That's beautiful. My favorite kind of history.

We've found PAIGE useful in our campaigns because she could have several different origins. Maybe she really IS from a cheap romance comedy universe that doesn't exist anymore.
Maybe the world ended and started again changed.
Maybe she went crazy.
Maybe she's a construct.
Maybe she's hypnotized (personality flipped, as you suggested)
Maybe she's playing a prank or the victim of one (again, as per your suggestion.)

She's just a breath of fresh air with a psychotic pun underpinning her personality after slogging through back alley deals and poop-eating postmodern nutballs.

But the other question we ask when playing her is: what would it feel like to live in the wrong reality? There's a lot of things she takes for granted that just don't happen. And a lot things she does are hard to predict for cynical power-chasers.