A couple of Evil Spell Ideas

Well, maybe "unkind" is the proper word. Stats to follow.
Wrath of Polonia
Use Waiting spell (is is it watching ward?) on a letter, with the trigger being that the letter is read (with appropreite Intellego triggers). Link the waiting spell to a Room or structure target CrIg.

The Healthy Slave
This might be best as an item enchantment. Continuous CrCo for big bonus to recovery rolls, with the added bonus of a ReMe "Obey Me!"

That's reminds me of a Rego Corpus spell I made up. It's simple but efficient.

Controlling the arms and hands of someone to drop what he have in and start chocking himself to unconsciousness... even to death if you concentrate long enough.

Quite interesting spells, I like the Wrath of Polonia. It's like :

  • "My lord here's a letter for you"
    The lord open the letter
  • "Your manor is on fire, be carefull. Signed Flambeau"

Nice "Unkind" spell, this can be created more easily as a charged magical item as you could have a more potent effect (and penetration built-in for thoses pesky Aegis of the hearth) .

The healthy Slave is useful, in a powerful invested device you could even consider adding a MuCo for adding soak of somewhat avoid to "break" your toys (servants).

I like it.

Would this work with the black whisper? That is, write it in the letter and when the person reads it it triggers the spell. That would be evil.

This opens up a previous visited, yet interesting debate, on the nature of letters. As is there is no notion in the RAW that such can be done with a letter. The problem is how to define text. Text cannot be targeted with magic as anything but markings or texture - no context can be gleaned from them independent of a mind able to decipher the symbols. They carry no intelligence, power or substance embedded within them.

Having said that, I think the idea of the spell is neat, but I would look to other ways of solving it.

You could simply say that the normal limits of magic doesnt go for the triggering action of a Watching Ward (which would also make you toss the In req). The triggering rules aren't very specifically defined as is.

You could bind the trigger to say any of the words, or specific sequences of words, from the text. Since reading aloud seems to have been a trend in medieval times this might easily double for the effect (and might make interesting scenes of the mythical scrolls that have to be studied in silence..).

You could use one of the sense-based spells of the Bjornaer.

You could use one of the Ancient Secrets.

Probably several other ways to go about it.

Oh I was thinking of enchanting the letter, and the text is almost irrelevant. Put in an InMe to look for the 'formation of the text" in someone's mind at touch range i.e. someone reads whatever words are on the text and thinks about them. This would have to be a literate person. Of course you could draw a picture on the parchment and use InMe to look for that picture in the reader's mind.
And the room target is to deal with those who have letters read to them.

LOL. The only reason I did not think of this as an enchanted device (although that would be cool) is one is a ritual (couple of hours), the other is an enchanted device (at least a whole season).

The healthy slave spell was intended as a way to get nobles under your thumb.
Noble: My son is ill. Would you help him wizard?
Magus: I have just the thing. Have him wear this necklace. No charge. He should be up and around in no time.
Noble: You are truly Christian, wizard.
Magus: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

You could link it to the breaking of the seal on the letter?

I know there's no guarantee that the person opening the letter is reading it.

Hence the Structure target.

The important part is then that the InMe detected words/thoughts are set in the spell and not by what happen to be written in the text, though the caster/maker might chose to have it be the same wording. But ultimately it is defined by his spell and not by the text. A small but important detail. And since things arent percieved directly but through their 'species' InMe seems the way to go.

I sooo like the mental picture of that situation and I so want to find a way to use it in my saga... on the PC of course.. :smiling_imp:

You mean a Group target with additional magnitudes for size. Creo spells have to be either T: Ind or T: Group.

You probably want it to be a charged item, which means you can't have more than one effect in it. Could you possibly use Range: Eye? That seems to me like it would take into account the unusual trigger without needing an Intellego spell.

(Edited To Add: Actually, I take that back; it may be possible to invest a charged item with more than one effect, since after a brief reading of the enchantment rules I didn't see anything that says otherwise.)

Oh yes, of course. I simply assumed the spell would use the same wording as the text. However, the letter could be a love letter between Duchess Yutz and Baron Foo, and the actual trigger could be the reader thinking, "Baron Foo is commiting adultery with my wife!" That might be a good way to make sure the spell only targets Duke Yutz, because he is the only person who would reasonably think that thought upon reading the letter.

Forgive me for forgetting to invoke the Parma Servus (Parma Servum?). :wink: Yes, Group + size.

Who's eye are we talking about?
I figured that since you can use Intelligo spells to detect triggerring events, it would be easier to use a InMe, or InIm (the sound of someone reading the letter).
This does beg the question...how obvious does a triggering event have to be to avoid requiring an additional trigger spell with a Waiting Spell?