A couple of Penumbra questions

I know 3.5 is out of date, but I still have some questions about converting the data in certain Penumbra products to 3.5. Specifically:

Occult Lore:
Are there any changes to the spell lists for the new classes?

Fantasy Bestiary:
With the Beast type removed, what types do the former Beasts become?
Are there any changes to the new summon tables?

Thanks in advance.

What creatures are you asking about? Some of the stuff is probably easy to convert using the 3.0 to 3.5 conversion rules on the WOTC site like for the MMII.

You're right, but I just wanted an outside opinion. The creatures in question are the jigokomushi, nail stealer, needlejack, somnophis, and tree devil.
Also, I have another question. Are there any rules for updating the spell lists for the elementalist and astrologer classes in Occult Lore with other materials? Thanks in advance.