A Dancing Sword

Hello all

Consider a sword enchanted to attack on its own initiative. I have and I need some help with the details.

Its a ReTe effect level 10. Base 5 for make metal move in a highly unnatural fashion. Since the effect is enchanted into an item it can use personal range and its +1 for diameter duration. Target individual is fine, no extra there.

So, ReTe10. Obviously it will need penetration added to get through any magic resistance but I don't really care about that at the moment.

Now comes the tricky bit. How does the sword attack? I'm tempted to say it uses its creators finesse as a weapon skill, counts its own weapon stats and just that and has Strength/Dex/Etc at 0.

Does using its creators finesse make sense? If not, what does it use to determine its ability to attack? Can it even be made to attack autonomously or must it be enchanted with the rules for automatons from House of Hermes: Mystery Cults?

Yes, or the rules for Awakened Devices out of Ancient Magic. Self Aware items (Even weakly aware, like a dancing sword) are not currently part of the Order of Hermes canon. But Automatons are very publicly for sale.

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