A Faerie a Day in November

J is for Joint-Eater: metropollywog.wordpress.com/2011 ... int-eater/

Again, the picture will come later. Thanks for visiting the blog and reading. I'm always open to comments as well.

Nasty without being dangerous - and a nice story seed twist, too.

There are many folk traditions of "urban fae" - of fae in stables and homes, of faeries that sweep up in churches and that make shoes for cobblers at night (to cite one famous Grimm tale) - any chance you might be interested to explore anything in that/those direction(s)?

I'll keep that in mind as I thumb through the rest of the alphabet. Thanks for the comment!

That'd be great! The realm (small "r") of "Faerie" is so often discounted as primarily/purely one of nature, but in folklore faeries were in all parts of day-to-day life. Miners, stable hands, churches and alleyways, all had their fae critters, like brownies for instance, or gnomes or dwarves and their ilk. Rumplestiltskin (the original, not the recent Shrek version) was another, as were many of the Grimm characters. I think that's a dimension of the Faerie Realm that is under appreciated and often overlooked.

(I'm trying to remember my Grimm's Faerie Tales - called such for a specific reason. I half-remember one about a poor cobbler who found his shoes being finished overnight, and one night discovered brownies(?) doing the work for him. They said(?) they would continue to do so, but he could never thank them nor give them anything. One night he left out some food for them, and they never came back - that might be bastardized or multiple stories confoozled together, but it's in the right direction.)
(Edit - I now have another (different?) half-memory of his wife making tiny clothes for the naked brownies - they celebrated (and left with the clothes?), but there was a down side... bah, far too long ago to remember the details with any confidence.) :frowning:

That worked out well. Here is a helpful faerie along the lines of Cuchulainshound request: metropollywog.wordpress.com/2011 ... illmoulis/

Falling behind with the pictures, although this would be a fun one to draw. Maybe I can entice my son to do a bunch of illustrations over the weekend.

I was also thinking about Grimm's when Matt started his faerie a day. I remember one about a poor fisherman who caught a talking fish that offered to grant a wish if he let it go. He asked for something minor and released the fish, but his wife kept sending him back to the sea with more elaborate demands. The fish kept granting them until the wife asked to be pope or God or something, at which point the fish took back everything he'd given the fisherman. I thought it might be interesting to design a wish-granting fish that provided its boons as delusions (Mentem) or illusions (Imaginem).

Fairy tales sure are weird: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gold-Children

Maybe when I've run through the alphabet I'll do a golden fish. I bet with faerie glamor there is a way to make this wishes fairly substantial and almost permanent. Timothy is the expert, but maybe I can figure something out.

The Fisherman and his Wife, linked on that page, is the one I was remembering. The Gold Children sounds more interesting, though. And weirder, of course. :slight_smile:

Saturday is L-day: wp.me/p1RlRL-3C
(Wonder if the "short link" will work.

Pictures delayed until Monday.

I'm taking tomorrow off and spending it entirely with my son. He deserves it. So here is Sunday's faerie a day early. wp.me/p1RlRL-3N
I had fun combining the Theseus myth with the Beowulf myth. Pure fiction.

After a pleasant, if busy, day off, I'm back at the writing desk with today's Faerie a Day: wp.me/p1RlRL-3V

Quantity and quality - the best of all possible worlds.

But... M was for Minotaur. No Mahra? :cry:

Well, there was precious little information on the Nisnas, so I had to get creative and hunt and peck from various sources.
But, the picture is pretty cool, as is the Linton Worm, Joint-Eater, and Killmoulis pictures I just uploaded.


Q - How much of these fae is traditional-based, and how much from your imagination or cobbled from other sources?

(Also - is there an easy way to scroll thru these alphabetically, or does one have to rely on the search function to find a specifically known page?)

Most of the info is fairly traditionally. The rarer the faerie the harder the research, and instead of spending a lot of time on it, I usually invent something after reading a few brief sources. Many faeries don't have powers, per se. According to the stories, the faerie is weird and exotic but don't really do much. The Nisnas is like that. It's power to create winds is total fiction.

I don't know if you can search the wordpress page. If you go to the main Metropollywog page then the entries line up one after another and you can scroll through titles.

Here is a nasty little bugger: wp.me/p1RlRL-47
Fairly accurate, too, minus the sleeping power.


One of the nicest things about posting my faerie is that I now go get to read Timothy's object, CJ's saint, Christian's storyseed, and maybe a new spell and/or magus.
I suddenly had the thought that I'll be sad when November ends and this daily creative surge ceases.

Tough coming up with a Q. wp.me/p1RlRL-4f

Another giant: wp.me/p1RlRL-4o
My sources are overwhelmingly Celtic, and giants play a prominent role in Irish, Welsh, Scottish, British, and Arthurian legends.

Nice. MInor point: Diameter is a duratrion, not a range like you have put twice there :slight_smile: