A Faerie a Day in November

Yes, quite right. Typo in the description; the power still does what I want it to do. Thanks!

S is for Scylla: wp.me/p1RlRL-4r

Another monster that I think is sympathetic. I'm playing a Merinita magus in Andrew G's saga. Maybe he should seek out monstrous faeries and find out what tragedy made them as they are, then try to fix them so that they don't have to act out with violent displays. He could be Mythic Europe's faerie therapist.

I never posted the link for T, but you know where it is.
U is for Unicorn: wp.me/p1RlRL-4F

V is for Valkyrie: wp.me/s1RlRL-291

Entries over the next four days might get sporadic. I haven't yet made the four faeries necessary to cover my four-day holiday. I might get one or two done tonight, but I'm sure I'll be playing catch up on Sunday, Nov. 27.

After the fact, I see that Realms of Power: Faerie already includes the Valkyrie. Ah well, I'm getting ragged as the month draws to a close. My Valkyrie is similar to the canonical Valkyrie, just maybe a bit meaner.


Well folks, after I whirlwind Thanksgiving holiday and some slowly resolving personal issues, I've decided to throw in the towel and cease working on A Faerie a Day. I want to thank the thirty or so loyal folks who regularly stopped by my blog, Metropollywog, to watch my shenanigans. I want to congratulate Timothy and encourage Christian, CJ, and others. It's been great, but real life issues need my attention. I've got one more faerie I have to do, a faerie my son invented and drew, and I hope you look for that around the end of the week. Thanks again!

A valiant effort, and one highly worthwhile to the community, Matt.

Well done!

Very Well done, and for taht i give you a spanish faery beast: Cabra Montesina/Highlander Goat.
mariojpcsimon.blogspot.com/2011/ ... a-ars.html
Doubts about the character and all of that writ here.