A Faerie Aura covenant

For the 30 days of November, I plan to detail a covenant in the Levant. My idea is to put it in a Faerie Regio, and I am looking for suggestions for Magi, other than Merinita, that would be interested in settling in one.

The Criamon aiming for twilight springs to mind. The Tytalus who just has to take the challenge, but that is even more of a cartoon character I think.

Sahir, if there's a fair number of faerie jinns.

An ex Misc Faerie Wizard, perhaps.

A Bonisagus researching faeries/regios/faerie auras.

Depending on just what is in that regio, it may attract magi who are interested in the sort of thing that is inside the regio, rather than being interested in faerie stuff in general.

Any magi with Faerie blood who wants to explore that side of their ancestry.

Yes! Ideal setting for the longevity specialist in the ancient fan story about Gloria Senecta. Because faeries live for ever, they must be the ideal ingredient for longevity potions.

When we ran that story, a player companion volunteered to be guinnea pig, and the magus botched the experimentation. Double botched in fact. I love the story.

An ambitious Mercere mage (possibly a Mythic redcap companion if you find Mercere mage too rare to have one of them leaving Harco), looking to expand his House network through the silk road. Regular source of adventures with strange or useful items his agents would brought back: potential new focus, strange magical items from mythic Cathay.

Once a year, he organises a month of trade in an oasis, where merchants, mages (from various traditions/Order), magical humans and strange denizens come to barter, exchange, etc.

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A faerie-blooded magus who is trying to pay off a faerie debt.
A Verditius who was pushed out of another covenant because of a dangerous lab experiment.
A Flambeau who wants to use the regio as a staging ground for harassing local enemy wizards.

A Tytalus wishing to get more flexibility for her personae, wants to learn how faries manage to change their roles

On the other hand, anyone who does a significant amount of spontaneous or ritual magic probably wants to avoid living in a faerie regio that involve a lot of botch die. Except if they're a Criamon.

A Bjornaer who has a desire to develop an inner heartbeast that is truly fantastical, whether a particularly exotic chimera or perhaps to become an elemental heartbeast - made of pure fire like an Ifrit.

Any Magi with faerie sympathies. See Hermetic Charms on p105 of RoP:F, they can count their experiments that use Sympathies as aligned to either Magic or Faerie realms.

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A Bonisagus with a research project involving any aspect of the regio.

A Mercere tired of brewing longevity potions who hopes to use faerie immortality/longevity (e.g. via faerie Bonding, or through some power like Lord Marsyne's) as a less onerous means to keep Redcaps healthy in their old age.

A Quaesitor who would use the regio as a gateway into Elysium, to seek insight into difficult cases.

A Tremere planning to refine the creation, manipulation, and enslavement of faeries as intelligent tools for his House.

A Bjornaer researching how to overcome his House's inability to bind Familiars - see "Temporary Familiars" in HoH:MC p.90.

A Criamon questing to create a new path tying Faerie and Enigmatic Wisdom.

A Verditius who has just learnt the Mystery of Binding Magical Creatures (HoH:MC p.134) and plans to ransack the powers of the local Faeries.

An old, old, old Flambeau convinced that the regio is the hiding place of The Last Diedne.

A Jerbiton artist drawn to the regio by his Faerie Muse.

Tytalus, who has returned from Arcadia into the regio ... but thinks he's still in Arcadia, and the covenant's inhabitants are Faerie impersonators and the last test of the Queen of Maddenhofen.

An ex Miscellanea priest of the Old Gods, believing the regio is the site of a lost temple he intends to bring back to its former glory.


A seeker looking to uncover ancient middle eastern magic, they are not there for the aura but just as a base to look into Canaanite necromancy (for a Co/Me mage) or Grigiri Magic (Mu).

They just happen to be based there because the location is convenient, they might get along specifically well with one or more of the Faerie focused mages there.

Because this is in the Levant, I am assuming the Fairies are Jinn. So, anyone looking for Insights into Jinn, particularly Spanish Sahir, various groups of Ex-Miscellania, Summoners, potentially Flambeau with significant protections from botches such as Familiars and Flawless Magic, etc.

A Holy Magus from Sol Invictus (ROP:D 70) on his / her agenda against the faerie

For a change of pace, what if all the magi actually had a common objective and each cntribute towards it on their own way? Make it a dedicated covenant, perhaps.

"Magus A: Sodales, I write you this letter because I found a neat regio tied to X and I intend to explore it. Would you be interested in bringing 'whatever you/your house can contribute with' to this cause? We have cookies!"

"Verditius: You have my magical devices."
"Ex Misc: Yes, it's tied to my tradition, thanks for remembering me, I'll join you in the next spring."
"Flambeau: I still own you for the last time, so if there is anything dangerous there I'll blast it for you."
"Guernicus: You need help to make it a protected place and ensure our status as a dedicated covenant? I'm on it.
"Trianoma: When Guernicus has a legal case I'll convince people to vote for us."
"Tytalus: The same as Trianoma, but I'll work in the shadows. The Levant seems like a nice place to wreak havoc on."
"Mercere: Do you need a loan?"

A few of these are a bit stereotypical, but I think my geneal idea is clear.

Suggestion: make one of them (the Verditius??) an Hermetic Architect. Maybe the regio is unstable and hard to explore, with levels with different auras (even from different realms, perhaps) ebbing and flowing, and his works are required to stabilize the entrances between different levels.