A few questions about sahir's?

I was reading The Cradle and The Cresent and had a question. How do the sahir interact with the rules for faerie and divine hedge wizards? In realms of power divine it says that someone with true faith can learn divine supernatural abilities the same way that someone with the gift can learn magic supernatural abilities and further they can be initiated into a divine tradition that teaches 4 abilities, methods, or powers. There is similar wording in Realms of Power: Faerie, only they don't give a specific vitue that you nead it just says that you nead to be strongly aspected towards faerie. With the inclusion of the yatu and a divine version of sihr it seams that there will be at least some members of the Order of Solomon that would qualify as strongly aspected towards faerie, or that have true faith.

Agreed. The problem is that Holy Magic is a much more complicated virtue than Faerie Magic and thus more challenging to adapt to non-hermetic traditions.

Rereading the Holy Magic rules, however, I think most of the aspects could be applied to the Sahir pretty much as is. Albeit with the proviso that "Hermetic" is read as "Solomonic". The only real exception is that Sahir don't use standard RDT parameters in their naranj which makes the new Divine RDT less valuable (they might be used to cast Divine M&P using the Sahir's formulaic casting total, however).

I've never playtested this arrangement, but it seems reasonable...

Generally agree with Gemlin44 above.

Not sure which of the Holy Magics your talking about, I assume Ars Notoria? (I don't have my RoP:D book). That is a Christian art (I think), and probably should not be very compatible with the Solomatic Sahr or Iberian Sahr Muslim traditions, which would make it very difficult to learn. Not to say they couldn't ever learn it (research breakthrough?).

Certainly there will be Sahir that have True Faith (Islam), and might be some that are aspected to Faery.

However, note that until 5th edition there has been no Ars Magica rules about Fey in the Islamic lands. 4th Ed. had something called the "Faery Problem" for Islamic lands, since 4th Ed was focused on the Fey from an European perspective. With C&C, however, we get the Jinn in all Flavors, including Fey! My point is that there is not a list of material and traditions that have ties ot Fey in the Levant or elsewhere in the Muslim nations. So there are not allot of Fey Aspected Sahr in the older books to steal from, and C&C did not address subgroups of the Order of Suliman that might focus on specific types of Jinn.