A few questions from a (fairly) new player

  1. What are the Shape and Material Bonuses about (pg.110)? Are these for casting or lab work? And "Room"... does this mean every time I cast a spell with room as a target inside an actual room I get +4 or +6? Seems OP.
  2. Sizes: According to pg. 192 a Rabbit is -5 and mouse is -10; then on pg. 67 it says a robin is -5. So either these are huge-ass robins or very small rabbits. Which is correct? I'm inclined to say a robin is actually -10, but this has implications on the Shapeshifter ability.
  3. What happens when a faerie character (with faerie might 15) takes part in an Aegis of the Hearth Ritual? Does this cancel the need for a token? Can a faerie even do this?
  4. I want to make a 9-year-old companion character, and I want her to start learning to use a bow. It seems crazy that I need a virtue when Warrior grants 50 free points as a minor virtue. Just want to get a general idea of what most people do here...just let her learn the skill without a virtue?

1: S&M Bonus is something that applies to Lab Total for Enchanted Devices. it only applies to Casting Totals if you have a Talisman with such a bonus attuned - that's what Talismans do (well, one of the things...). As for the bonus "Room" I would apply it for an Enchantment with Target:Room. For a Talisman I'd only apply the bonus to Casting Totals for spells with an acutual Target:Room, not just because the person casting the spell (or the victim) is in a rooom.

2: There may very well be some discrepancies with sizes. I'd look at Book of Mundane Beasts to see. Also the categories are fairly broad, size +1 is both a large man as well as a pony. An Adder has size -4 so I doubt a Rabbit is much smaller than this. I think a Robin is smaller than -5

3: That's a really good question, I never thought of this before. I guess a faerie could participate and thus not be affected and also don't need a token. I might have said the Aegis needed to Penetrate, but there is no stipulation that the magi who arepresent at the casting need to be Penetrated either, or lower their Parma Magica.

4: It seems silly, bows were used for hunting. I sorely miss some other method of getting access to Martial Abilities. At present there are only Warrior (but why always 50 extra exp?), Custos (social status, could also be used for Arcane or Academic) and Outlaw I think (social again, but only negative). Maybe the upcoming supplement 'Grogs' has a solution here?

Welcome, entity! As a newbie to the boards myself, it's always nice seeing another new face.

The Shape and Material bonuses only apply to enchanted items. For example, if you enchant a room with a constant effect healing spell which affects everyone inside it, then you would get that bonus. On the other hand, it doesn't give any bonus except to the specific magics it's enchanted with. (Except Talismans, which use their own rules).

Normally when you create an item, you will stack several of those bonuses, up to a limit given by your Magic Theory. For example, a classic is a staff with a ruby on the end, giving you a bonus to fire spells and a bonus to destroying things at a distance. If you enchant this item with a fireball spell, it'll be very effective. If you enchant it with a healing spell, it won't get any bonuses.

As Christian says, Talismans use these same bonuses a little differently.

I'm inclined to agree with you. Having seen robins, rabbits and mice (my cat leaves me corpses of all three with regularity), robins are much closer to mice than they are to rabbits.

Again, as Christian says, there's a free download on the Atlas website which has many animals statted up.

Personally, I would rule that the faerie is allowed in, as all the people who participated in the ritual automatically have the right of entrance.

Once a character has gone through character generation, there are no restrictions on which skills they can learn. Build her as a nine year old child, and then let her learn through teaching, training or practise.

Enchanting items only. Except with the talisman (mentioned above) or with the right virtue (found in The Mysteries Revised Edition (TMRE)).

Nice catch!. I'd go with the table on p. 192 - but clearly we have a contradiction here, so that's up for errata.

I don't see why not

Yeah, let's just hope 'grogs' has a solution...
Ofcourse, that's just what she starts out with - if you want her to earn how to use a bow while in play, bob's your uncle.

  1. Generally, Shape and Material bonuses are for lab work.
  2. The sizes for some animals are flat out wrong. I can only assume that the people who wrote them have never actually seen a rabbit. :slight_smile:
  3. No clue. My ruling, on the fly, is that if the faerie was also a magus and participated in the casting of the aegis he would benefit from the protection of the aegis and not be subject to it's restrictions. 4. There are circumstances where common sense must override the rules. This, IMO, is one of them. The supplement Apprentices has formal rules for making child characters, and this would be allowed under those rules.

Thanks for the great responses! We're loving playing this game, but the rules are not for the faint-hearted! :slight_smile:

I would like to add one more question at this point:

  1. On pg.32, the last sentence before "EXAMPLE: DARIUS OF FLAMBEAU" it states that a spell's requisites add to the total. In what way? There is no indication of what numerical value is used to add to the total.

Pages 114-115, Requisites. But basically, if the requisite is needed for the spell to work or is purely cosmetic, then it doesn't add magnitudes. If the requisite enhances the effect to the spell, it adds +1 magnitude.

Look in the spell guidelines. Generally it's 1 magnitude (5 levels) per requisite.

Regarding #3, the Aegis text isn't clear, but it hints that entities within the area when the Aegis are cast can act freely. The only part of the Aegis text that says this explicitly is the part about creating an item within the Aegis, or if an item was within an Aegis at casting. It's not too much of a stretch to extend that to some kind of sentient being.

Guardians of the Forest takes this approach, the Black Fir is within the Aegis has been inching ever closer to the Great Library. The Black Fir is a part of the plan of revenge against Durenmar, designed by the King of the Black Mountain.

  1. I agree with LuciusT here, if the rules don´t work then you as SG overrule them.
    Just demand that a character like that has some background story reason for why they´re an exception and I dont think anyone would disagree much.