A few questions on boons and hooks (Covenants 5ed)

There are a couple of boons and hooks whose mechanics are not 100% clear to me. I would be really grateful (and my troupe too!) if someone could clarify them for me.

  1. The Illusionary Resources hook states: "The covenant has 250 Build Points of improvements that do not really exist ...". Are these 250 points in addition to the basic build points (0-300 for a starting covenant, for a total of 250-550) or must one designate as illusionary 250 points already allocated (so a starting covenant with 300 build points would end up with only 50 "real" build points by taking this hook)? I have the same doubt concerning the "Flawed Resource" hook, that says "The covenant has 250 Build Points of improvements that will not last". Are these extra Build points in addition to the basic ones, or must they be discounted from the Build points already allocated?

  2. If a covenant is located in multiple "concentric" regios (e.g. a level 6 regio "on top" of a level 4 regio), must take the regio boon only once, or once for each layer? I would go for only once, since different layers are likely to have different levels of auras, and these are already extremely expensive - it costs a major boon to increase by 1 the level of the Aura just in a portion of the covenant.

  3. The Pagans hook says: "The covenfolk of this community worship somethink other than the Christian God ... If the object of their worship answers their prayers on a regular basis, it must be bought separately as a Boon ,mist likely an Ally.". What would constitute "answering prayers on a regular basis"? Would pagan communities receiving minor magical benefits from their worship -(e.g. as in "The Dragon and the Bear") on par with what a monotheistic community receives - count as a boon? Or would something more substantial be required? And in the former case, would the boon be major or minor?

  1. No additional resources. These are resources that were supposed to exist (part of the 300 points in your example) but they are not real, so the covenant is left with 50 odd points when the effect kicks in. Maybe the books for library never arrive, or the ship transporting most goods goes to the bottom during a storm.... Basically those are points that are screwed-. For a starting covenant I would not recommend it unless you really want to strive during your first seasons here.

  2. Only once. it is a regio, but it has different layers. As you say, you are gonna spend heavily in aura already :slight_smile:

  3. Up to your troupe to decide. using the dragon and the bear as a benchmark would work well IMO. The members of the community might also get answers to their prayers on an individual basis if you so wish. Basically, you will have the ear of a supernatural being that listens to what you have to ask him for.



I concur with Xavi on all three points.