A few spells

Seems to me that its been ages since anyone posted some good old spells. So, a few that've been invented in my long running saga. Feel free to comment, criticise or praise as you see fit.

Tenebrous’ Awesome Paralysis of the Unruly Mob
This very impressive spell allows Tenebrous to paralyze a group of up to 100 people for as long as he concentrates. While it is only concentration duration, the effect of having so many people suddenly freeze and go silent is extremely impressive and likely terrifying to those affected.
(Base 5, +2 voice, +2 group, +1 size, +1 conc)

Lunar Curse of the Walking Dead
ReCo30 (Me)
This terrible spell animates all the dead bodies within the ring at the time of casting. These corpses remain animated for a month before dropping down dead again. They are very stupid and tend to follow verbal orders from their creator literally and display very little imagination. Tenebrous typically uses this spell to create and maintain an undead workforce for the covenants tin mine. Every month before the new moon he orders all the undead to one location, the day after the new moon, he draws a circle around that location and re-animates them.
(Base 10, +1 touch, +3 moon, +0 circle)

Tenebrous Useful Sidestep
This deceptively simple spell teleports a target 5 paces in a direction of Tenebrous’ choosing. In practice it is very handy for getting past locked doors, up floors without using the stairs and for teleporting unwelcome guests out of ones tower with just a touch. If you happen to be on the 6th storey at the time the results can be more impressive.
(Base 10, +1 touch)

Tenebrous’ Brief Touch of the Heavens
This is a favourite attack spell of Tenebrous’ and allows him to teleport his foe directly up in the air 500 paces. At this point he generally steps back and watches gravity take over. Falling from 500 paces is usually fatal . The “sky diver” has approximately 8 seconds to do something daring to save himself. Most mages, assuming they maintain a level head should be able to manage a spell to halt their descent and so Tenebrous typically uses this on a rival mages shield grogs, effectively forcing the magus to move or be crushed under these fleshy “Dumb bombs”.
(Base 20, +2 voice)

N.B. The damage for this spell, using the rules in the book is anywhere from +125 to +500 depending on what the target lands on. In practise a more modest damage might be in order.

Tenebrous’ Mighty Cast
This spell teleports one target to a location that Tenebrous has an arcane connection to. Although usually used to teleport a grog or sodalis back to the covenant in the event of injury, he has also found unexpected use in teleporting enemies into the most inconvenient of locations, like halfway up mountains, into bandit camps, onto tiny islands in the middle of the ocean and into waiting prison cells.
(Base 35, +1 Touch)

The Persistent Idea
This spell puts an idea in a persons head and makes that idea desirable and attractive. For instance, one might put the idea “go hunting” into a nobles head and he would start to think about how pleasant it would be to go hunting about now. The longer the target refrains from acting on the desire, the stronger it goes. “Take revenge” planted in a jealous lovers mind after he has found out about his lover cheating would slowly gnaw at him and drive him to distraction. Eventually the target can think about little else. Because of the way the desire builds slowly, the target is likely to consider the desire natural unless it conflicts strongly with his personality (i.e. “murder your business rival” to a good Christian pacifist). Reasonably demands are much more likely to be followed than unreasonable demands (e.g. the baron who is thinking of “go hunting” is likely to think the desire normal and ask his huntsman to prepare for a hunt as soon as is reasonable, he would then feel the strengthening of the demand as anticipation of an enjoyable hunt to come). Once acted upon the desire fades rapidly.
(Base 4, +1 eye, +3 month)

ReMe50 (ritual)
This useful spell has functions as a curse, a command and a control method. The caster speaks a command to the target in a firm voice and the target is compelled to obey the command. The obedience lasts for a year and is absolute. The target must bend their efforts to fulfilling the command. The target has perfect leeway to accomplish the task as they choose and they have the freedom to do things such as sleep, travel, bargain for goods/services and in all ways act sensibly, the only caveat is that they must be bending all their efforts to either accomplishing the goal or seeking a practical way to overcome obstacles to that goal. For instance, the command “Bring me the head of Saladin”, would allow such things as travelling to the targets father to beg money for the journey, travel time to a port and thence on a ship to the holy land or some close destination. If money is not available, the target would walk and either buy, beg, borrow or steal food and water to survive en route. Once there the target would be able to spend time planning his murder, learning the guard’s routes and Saladin’s schedule. He would not have the luxury of working to earn money for the travel unless the work was very brief and immediate. Attempts to circumvent the Geas are usually unsuccessful as the target’s own mind is the basis for whether he thinks he is working towards his goal.
(base 20, +4 year, +2 touch)

N.B. Could be a good spell to cast after a certeman victory.

The Helpful Enemy
This spell is meant to be used as a combat spell and so Anaximander dedicates efforts to master it and increase its penetration. The idea is to completely remove any aggressive feelings from the target, making them friendly and amiable instead. Problems can then be discussed or a hasty retreat beaten as necessary. Given that Anaximander feels combat is generally unproductive and unworthy of a magus, he likes this spell a lot. Aggressive feelings cannot return until the spell expires and attempts to force aggression will generally result in the target trying to calm his enemy down. A magus under the effect of this spell could certainly defend himself but would not strike back and would try and convince his attackers to stop fighting and negotiate.
(Base 10, +1 touch, +2 sun)

The Traitors Blade
The target believes that he is a secret agent and spy, placed into the enemy’s camp as an assassin or infiltrator. He thus immediately swaps sides in any situation he is in to that of the caster. Cast out of combat, a castle guard will conspiratorially tell the caster of the spell everything he needs to know about the castle layout and if a combative kind of person he may offer to accompany them on their mission. Cast in combat on an enemies shield grog it will convince the grog that he has worked for the caster all along and given the danger to the caster, will attack his old master. Although the effects don’t last long, they can be dramatic.
(Base 4, +2 voice, +2 sun)

Spellbinding Gaze of the Sorcerer
R: Sight, D: Special, T: Individual
You compel a person to look into your eyes, allowing you to cast a second spell at Eye range. The effect lasts only about one round but does not require concentration to maintain (allowing you to more easily cast the Eye-range spell). The Range is designed as Sight so the spell can more easily be cast without voice.
(Base 3, +3 Sight, +1 Duration equivalent to Diameter)

It would.
Most RPG rules usually ignore terminal velocity, assuming falling damage just goes up and up. That's just wrong.

+500 damage from a fall sounds like terminal felocity to me. :laughing:

Though perhaps any falling damage over +21 is terminal. :confused:

An often-quoted classic:

So you may want to put a limit on fall damage that depends on size and let the victim try to soak it. In such a case small sizes do help, as they make easier to soak back down to lesser wounds.

Let's assume for a second that you do limit falling damage to one increment beyond the lethal level. That's +6 for a mouse or a rat (size -10 and -7), +26 for a man (size +0), +36 for a horse (size +2).

The +6 is within the variability of the stress die involved by the soak and damage rolls, so it should be possible to play with the numbers a bit to produce the quoted results. The man or the horse, though, hardly stand a chance.

There are classic stories of people falling tremendous heights and surviving. Soe are crippled for life, others just break a leg or get a bloody nose. There are also stories of people geiing killed by a fall as little as 10 feet. Depends how you land I guess, and what you land on. I would say that, if the falling die botches, you get to live.

With a casting time of two and a half hours I think that it might be difficult to get of after a certamen (unless you've both knocked the target unconscious by more than a single fatigue level and there is no one to come to his or her aid while you're casting)

In certamen if you win you are entitled to a single spell that bypasses resistance. It doesn't mention anything about whether it has to be a spont, formulaic or ritual spell.

Admittedly if the bout is supervised by a quaesitor he may tell you not to be so silly. But you are technically within your rights to demand it.

Getting the other magus to sit still for 2 1/2 hours might be more of an issue. But you could always certamen him again to make him sit still :smiley: