A Friend and I

An acquaintance and I are looking to play by post. We are either looking for a game or looking for players for a game.
I've played a lot of 4th and have a lot of 5th ed books, my friend has everything and more experience. We've been bouncing around sites to get enough players with no luck.

Side question, what would one need to do to run a game here? Both of us are new to the Atlas forums.

I have a few gauntlet Magi made, in an attempt to run elsewhere. Should be able to get up to speed quickly. We've been looking for a month now.

[url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/instructions-for-gms/1597/1] is instructions for GMs, the very first post tells you how to apply to get a subforum for your game and the very important instruction on getting your players to change their settings so they can post to games.

If you have the inclination to run a play by post game, put an announcement in the looking for players area, there's always people looking for games. A few will drop out quickly, so always aim to fill your game so there's enough after the inevitable early losses.

As for looking for a game - they seem to come and go in batches, sometimes there's a load of game with spaces and sometimes they're all filled or dormant. If you know what you want, run it.

Thanks a bunch. I think it's just a matter of finding a lead storyteller with my friend and I. I haven't run a play by post before... in person my sloppy accounting can be hidden behind method acting ;0)