A happy occurance

I recently (March) wrapped up my year long Ars game that I ran for four players three of which were completely new to Ars Magica.

Last week at my weekly D&D game, I overheard one of my newly minted Ars players extolling the virtues of Ars Magica to my fellow players in hopes of creating another game (perhaps when the present D&D game runs its course).

I had to share.

I soo know what you mean.

Around me, I knew no one who played ars magica, so in order to play I initiated a lot of people to the hobby, I always feel a little proud when I hear about ArsMagica games running or when my friends ask me when I'll restart one. :wink:

I only learned of this game a few months ago. This new guy shows up at work and catches us all playing D&D. He waved Ars under our noses and we chucked D&D like a bad habit. I compared it to having a box of 8 crayons and then someone hands you 64... with a SHARPENER...

Oh, well put. Very well put!

Oh, well put. Very well put!