A Letter to Prima Insatella of House Mercere

[style=lucida handwriting]To Prima Insatella
Harco Covenant

Honored Prima,

I trust this note finds you well. I write to inform you that I have at long last acquiesced to your suggestion that I relocate from Andorra's chapterhouse in the Sa Dragonerra Islands to the covenant in Arans. My formal move will take place over the coming months. But I wished to let you know in advance that it was coming.

This is not my sole purpose in writing you, however. There are two other matters that I wish to report to you. First, my studies proceed apace. Within the next two years I expect to be able to devise basic longevity rituals for House Redcaps as needed. I know it can sometimes be troublesome to engage outside magi for this purpose. I hope that by expanding the capability of House magi to perform this task, I will simplify matters for the administration at Harco.

Second, I wish to inform you that by the turn of the decade, I shall be skilled enough to take on an apprentice without shaming the House. At need, I should even be able to make myself ready a year or two before that. I am unaware as to whether the House has identified a Gifted Merecere child who is close to being ready for apprenticeship. But if there is such a child, I stand ready to do my duty in providing proper training.

I remain, as ever, your humble and obedient servant,
Andorra Covenant[/style]