A little question about Ward Guidelines

Hi all,

I am gathering in a very big document all the GLs from every manual published untill now avoiding GLs linked (and usable only by) to specific Virtues/Groups. My goal is to gather only "pubblic" GLs usable be all Magi, so could every Magus use the GLs for the creation of Ward (HoH:S p.114) or they are limited only to the Columbae?

Thank you in advance for your kindly reply, I could send a copy of my work to everyone interested (with a valid email address), when I finish it (and I am near the end)!

From what I understand, the Ward Guidelines in HoH: S are a reprinting of guidelines from the Core book, but at Touch, Ring, Circle (+3) so that the storyguides can quickly find Ease Factors for various applications of the Warding ability.

I suppose the author might have added a few new guidelines to round things out (I haven't checked them all). However, neither of the Columbine virtues have any effects which would affect the guidelines. So I'd say any new guidelines on the chart should be usable by anyone.