A Map of The Roman Tribunal

Just finished this map for our upcoming game set in The Roman Tribunal and figured I'd share it. The map was made entirely in Photoshop, for those curious.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Beautiful, and excellent attention to detail. The Dalmatian Coast is particular nice :slight_smile:

Nice! Did you start with a modern topographical map and use elevation colors to identify where to put small and large hill/mountain pictures?


This is awesome.

Beautiful work! Creating a link from our saga's page right now....

Oh thats a good piece of work!

I hope Atlas is paying attention!

Seriously, yes!

Which makes me wonder... If cereth were interested in producing a whole bunch of these, one covering each tribunal, and maybe a few just off the edges of some tribunals, maybe they could be sold through Sub Rosa or something like that. That way cereth is compensated for such an undertaking but doesn't have to go through a whole thing setting up distribution and payment.


This is excellent. I would buy maps of this quality! :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! I would buy maps of this quality also.

I had PMed him about it, not sure on the policy for that here, but I'm for that also.

Thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile:

I've made maps for many of our games over the years, though my map making has improved a lot the last couple of years. In the past I used a program called campaign cartographer, though now I solely use Photoshop. In all I've made maps for Novgorod, the Levant, and Stonehenge. I may go back and redo those maps in the same style I used for this map depending on how much time I have. This map took me about two months to make, although a lot of that time was spent experimenting and trying to develop a style I like.

I haven't thought too much about making and selling maps on my own, but I'd love to someday maybe freelance for a game company doing cartography or something. It's a pipe dream...

How about showing us your other maps then? :smiley:

I tired one of the earlier Campaign Cartographer versions and was unimpressed. Lately I've mostly been making maps with Google Earth but this is really only useful for large-scale technical work, not making something at all aesthetically pleasing :slight_smile:

I think the time you spend developing a style you like really paid off, you map not only has a very distinctive look but it managed to look nice without muddling it's usefulness.

Here's a link to some maps I did for The Levant. They were done several years ago in Campaign Cartographer and aren't nearly as fancy as the maps I'm making these days. :slight_smile:




Really nice job 8)

Very impressive work :smiley: