A Mother’s Gift

Given the Gift’s deleterious effect on social interactions, it’s hardly surprising that Gifted children are frequently shunned by their parents even as they’re loved by them, but recently I got to think about what might happen if the situation were reversed.

Has anyone given any consideration as to how a baby or small child would react to a parent with The Gift? Presumably, a hermetic maga could extend her parma to protect the babe against the effects of her Gift, but those trained in other traditions (or with no training at all) would seem to have a much harder time of it…

Your thoughts?

It takes 15 years of casual relationship between adults to negate The Gift. It is much easier to form a bond with a child and the relation would be much more than casual. I'd say the bond is still near instantaneous.

If you are a missing parent always in the laboratory, then maybe you'll be seen as a stranger.

I guess you would need a feeding woman (can't recall the english name... milk matron?) to feed the boy, since he would not accept the Gifted woman's milk. Or he might. Being an ex-part of the mother it could be that children are innured to the Gift of their mother (and ONLY their mother).

If the Gifted one is the father, the relationship would be the same as with any other Gifted person. In medieval times it seems that the head of the family was someone to be respected and obeyed, not loved (you can read about that in David Crouch's history on william marshall; I fdound that tidbuit to be extremely interesting, besides it showing Mr Marshall in a less spectacular light than it is sometimes shown), so no biggie here.


I believe the term you are looking for is "wet nurse".

That's is my take on things, IMS. Also IMS, if the child isn't more or less constantly exposed to its gifted mother for more than half the year, it will start to lose its familiarity with her at the the same rate as familiarity is normally gained.

The mother with the gift : the child is accustomed a birth as he was in her womb
the father with the gift : the child takes habits fast as he has always known that strange impression and doesn't understand it as unlikable (like if you grow a child with bad smells, he will probably like them as he learned it was a good smell).
a child born from a grog in a covenant : since childhood he will learn to feel the gift, now it depends how are the magi with the child, if they are good, the gift will seem good for him, if they are wrong, the gift will seem bad...

So it is mostly love and education

Sounds like a good reasons for someone to have the Unaffected by Gift virtue.