A New Morning (Spring 1234)

Arnau can go investigate les Salines, and will certainly fancy a desert trip on a land yacht

That works.
If everyone is agreed, we will hand wave the part where we open general council and rubber stamp our approval on our activities.
The threads I shall be setting up will be...

  • City of Brass: I will start the thread off by giving us the rest one year to prepare; Spring/Summer/Fall of 1234, plus Winter 1235. We set off in Spring 1235.
  • Las Salines: Arnau will set off to investigate Las Salines. Others can go with him (good companion/grog story)
  • Road to Pampalona: Fedora will set off to visit the new covenant of Pampalona, stopping first in La Vella to investigate rumors of a squatting magus.
  • Terror in Transylvania: In which Vocis travels to the Transylvania Tribunal. I am not promising terror. Just threatening :smiling_imp:

Does that cover it?

If the City of Brass is happening in 1235, Vocis will take his trip in Summer of 1234.

:frowning: I'd love to play in 3 of these threads, but I don't think I'd be able to. So I'll stick to the city of brass.
Well done, Marko :smiley:

1235? That's great! By then, Arachné will have her Combo of Intangible Tunnel 40 and Wizard's Reach (Corpus) 40, enabling her to pull people out of trouble and teleport others away :smiley:
Marko, this gives you a tool to inject and pull any character from a story, should the need arise.

BTW, reminding people and new players (Welcome, silveroak! :smiley:) that we've got, on the wiki's start page, a link to the seasonnal planner, which enables you to plan your characters advancment and avoid concurrent use of ressources.

Currently listening to wicked, wicked Angst Skvadron. Hope this'll inspire me for Roberto's adventure :laughing:

Awesome :smiley:

I will let things percolate for a few days and set up the proposed storythreads by Sunday evening. I have work and work and work until then. But keep discussions moving, give me plenty of stuff to do :smiley:

I, as a player, would appreciate being given a council assignment of some sort during the spring, something that will get my feet wet in the saga as well as get me some real world (aka adventure) experience while she spends the season setting up her lab.