A New Vis Source

This is an idea I had for my players to find. The inspiration comes mostly from "The Dark Crystal", anyway, heres the idea. Let me know what you think.

A large gem/crystal that through research is found to have the following powers:
When Placed against a victium and a line is read (Ingraved in the item), the target is aged and vis forms on the crystal.
I was thinking of 1 pawn of vis per 2-5 years drained.

Diabolical (not in the Infernal sense, just...fiendish). Ghoulish. Twisted.

And very, very cool.

What kind of vis? I'm thinking Perdo, but even Creo works as well (as the flip-side to such a life-sucking thing).

I was thinking Corpus.
I was also thinking of having the covenants "Knight" wanting to create a order to punish the most evil of evils. (He would love the Item, and the Magi would gain vis, then there is the enemy aspect...)

Corpus, or Rego: To age is a natural process (over time). Draining life essence looks like Creo, though. Or so it would seem to me :slight_smile:

This can be a relic from the diednes. Maybe it is tainted, even if not infernal. Chronic magic: extract the life of a person with this (Chtonic ritual) AND cast a ritual with it. Evil enough for you? :smiling_imp: Cool item. Who said that all vis sources need to be happy and fun to collect?


isn't aging magic perdo?

Yes, PeCo. I was thinking that while the effect of the crystal is to age the victim (a Perdo effect on that end) it could poop out Creo vis on the other end.

A nice story idea: Your magus hands you the item and wants to see 3 pawns in a fortnight. You will have to find willing participants or decide who deserves eutanasia..

One thing: This should only work on adults. Using it on children should end with the child's demise. And: using it on pregnant women leads to a womb explosion?! As one of the others said, use should take time (it is not a weapon).

If used on a Gifted person would it still create Corpus vis or do you think it would create Vim vis?

Or create 10 times the amount of vis AND damage the Gift of the dude? Now we are talking plot device! :stuck_out_tongue: