A note on the podcast

Hi all,

Just to explain the plan.

I've now put up 10 episodes of the podcast. I said that after I'd done 10 or 12 I was going to do a kickstarter/patreon, but I'm not going to yet. Basically I only need to do them because I need to teach the software at my day job, and I've missed the window for the next series of classes, so there's no rush. The target was only going to be USD60 anyway (which is the annual Libsyn hosting fee) plus whatever kickstarter/patreon charged. So, that was never an urgent thing.*

In terms of the content, I've discovered something: being able to use text boxes in writing makes it far easier to break out a section of a book as a plot hook. In podcasting, the way to do that would, I suppose, be to have a co-host and swap to them for the break. It means that the material I've been doing has felt a bit "background" to me, rather than the sort of immediately useful material we did for the last few books (every paragraph is a hook, basically). I'd like to get my style into something a bit more immediately useful before I run the kickstarter, because I hope it will bring more people into the Ars community.

Lacking any other particular inspiration, I may start going through the books and expanding on things from older material. I think a revisit on the Alps material, now that we have Google, could be quite fruitful. The ones I currently have planned to round out the dozen are about using the personal possessions of Founders as study aids, and about the meaning of "slightly unnatural" in Creo Aquam.

For those not yet up to speed, Games From Folktales is in iTunes, Libsyn, and anywhere that pulls from those two. I use PocketCasts myself. The direct download site is gamesfromfolktales.libsyn.com/podcast. Episodes are between 8 and 12 minutes and the titles thus far are:

We start at the appendix (People don't have appendixes in 1220..until they do)
Sacrificing Horace to Claocina (toilet paper can be prayer)
What do your hands say in Mythic Europe (sign language and Hermetic magic)
The colourblindness of ancient peoples (where did all these new colours come from?)
Dressing like a murder hobo (what does your costume say?)
Gods can't see you in roleplaying games (Gods aren't omniscient.)
Mass hysteria (...covenants are perfect for this.)
Charles Darwin wrecked our dragons (and I do not forgive him.)
Intersexuality and Hermetic Magic (If gender is part of your essential nature, what doies "gender" mean in 1220).
Letter to Sura (in which I co-host with Timothy!2011, and we talk about really old ghost and alien abduction stories).

So, that's where it is up to. Thanks to the people who have been listening.

  • Added later: yes, I've OKed this with Atlas.