A Personality Traits question

For a long time now I have been using +6 for Major Flaw Personality Traits, and +3 for Minor Flaw personality traits. I'm not sure if these are in addition to the normal three which range from -3 to +3, but I often add them extras, but not always. Metacreator really does not like personality traits outside the =3 to -3 range; I'm pretty sure the +3 and +6 are given in the rules somewhere, if I'm correct in ROP: The Divine. Can anyone confirm this, or correct me on it?

cj x

It's mentioned in a few places, RoP:D indeed being one of them, page 38: "...treat a Minor Personality Flaw as a +3 trait, and a Major Personality Flaw as a +6 trait."

You don't have to actually take a trait, I think, because the Flaw acts as one. I think it's a good precedent for characters to not have Personality Traits greater than 3, at least during character creation. But the Elementalists of HMRE and sahirs of C&C can also get really extreme Personality Traits; generally +6 is about as strong as a Major Personality Flaw, and +10 represents a character unable to function normally because of his or her trait.

I agree with the other responses. Additionally, a while ago I remember going through lots of example characters and finding that generally a character with a Minor Personality Flaw had a corresponding Personality Trait at +3. As a result of this I like to restrict myself to +1 or +2 without a Flaw and +3 with a Minor Personality Flaw. I aim for +5 to +6 for a Major Flaw. +4 seems to be no-man's-land for me.