a pretty corpse screw up!

did atlus screw up?

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the cards are misprinted. the backs are wrong. there are locations with "lets kill" on the backs and surprises and events with victim backs. hmmmm sounds like atlus screwed up. going to have to tell my local game store. 10 dollars that cant be used. maybe with different colored sleeves?

i hope that it wasn't just my cards......

It's not just your cards. It's the whole dang print run.

The problem was brought to our attention early yesterday. The expansion deck is supposed to have 33 "Let's Kill" card backs and 22 "Victims" backs, just like each deck in the original game. Someone at the printer rearranged the backs so that 3 of 5 card types have the wrong backs now, and the count is 20 x LK and 35 x V backs.

Our recollection is that the proofs we signed off on were correct. (Indeed, the back of the press sheet for the expansion was supposed to be identical to the press sheet back of the original game, so that reprints could run together with just one pass through the presses for the backs.) The printer has not yet been able to locate those proofs. Clearly a printer error was made (someone did not follow the written directions with the job), but it remains to be seen whether we somehow missed the mistake when we checked the proofs. (We did find and correct another prepress problem in the proofing stage, I should note, so I know we looked at them carefully.)

In any case, what we are doing...

  1. We are issuing credit memos to all of the distributors to whom we have sold the game. We are asking them to destroy all copies on hand, and issue credits to the retailers to whom they have sold copies of the game. The retailers, in turn, should accept returns from their own customers who have already purchased the game (and they should pull any copies from their shelves).

So if you have bought a copy of Let's Kill: A Pretty Corpse, please contact the store where you purchased it to return it for a refund ASAP. And if you see copies on your FLGS shelf, please ask them to remove it and let them know about the problem.

(You should not need to contact Atlas, because we have already have issued refunds/credits for ALL copies of the expansion to the parties to whom we sold them. If this runs smoothly, your local store will already have been credited for what they paid for the copy of the game that you return when you hand it over to them.)

  1. The printer is rushing a corrected print run. We don't yet have an ETA, but we hope that we will get it done soon and get it back out into distribution.

That's it for now.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Hell, now I have a "Clerical Errors" from you guys... your not
getting it back... it's mine!!!!