A question of sucking, blood


Are there any references to vampires in Ars Magica 4th/5th Edition? Any stats/rules, things like that? Could you please kindly point me where (I know there have been some "subtle" :open_mouth: vampiric stuff in older editions... something about a certain house, & stuff :smiling_imp:)?


IIRC there are references in the tremere (surprise surprise :laughing: ) chapter of Houses of Hermes: True Lineages.

Hey there thanks Xavi (Alonso?)

References... but no stas/rules/adventure hooks?


Realms of Power: Fairy - Vampires are considered fairies now

Vampires are only uniform in that other game.

There are no stats, because they are likely to be unique (or mass-produced minions). They can also belong to any of several Realms (well, atleast 2).

Or it can be a human who have bargained for immortality with the powers of Hell. Infernal Might.
A vampire can be a faerie, telling that story centuries after his destruction. Faerie Might.
It could even be an indenpendent creature with a taste for blood. Magic Might.

It all depends on what your vampire is.*

  • yes, RoP: F has (IIRC) several suggestions for vampires, but why limit yourself to these?

The Sundered Eagle (Thebes Tribunal) has an infernal vampire called the Vrykolakas. Not quite a 'dracula', but might do.


Or a human cursed by God for some sin. Divine

Divine Curses shouldn't grant Divine Power, for example on another Cursed being, Cain from Ancient Magic, he is a faery. Others cursed beings are all the demons. The Divine Might is a conexion with the heavens. It is my opinion, and the game appear call for it, just like because there are not Divine ghosts, the only exception of that is the soul in the body of a dog on Lion & Lily; and they still be under a Divine and order condition, needing fullfilling a part of the Otherworld system.