A question on Caanite Necromancy

I need your opinion on Caanite Necromancy presented in Ancient Magic.

A sentient ghost as Zephaniah can use directly the Caanite Necromancy and summon the dead?

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I don't see why not. A dead Canaanite necromancer looks quite similar to Hermetic Living Ghosts, fully sentient and self-aware and in control of its ghostly powers and its magic. Canaanite necromancy grants a permanent Arcane Connection to the world of the living and the dead and all the dead except those in Heaven, which continues after death.

Actually, a related topic that is piquing my curiosity is what would would happen, if an Hermetic mage that has mastered Canaanite Necromancy would become a Living Ghost. Would it allow him to "survive" outside the Haunt, without possessing a living or dead body ? CaN grants a permanent link to the world of the living, so the need of a Haunt to sustain oneself should be greately lessened.

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Indeed. Even normal ghosts of dead magi can use their magic, I don't see why a Caanite Necromancer couldn't use his magic.

In my upcoming saga, I'm thinking not - and I've actually been thinking about the issue, for an antagonist I'm planning...

Nonetheless, my brain doggedly keeps telling me that a CaN Living Ghost should have some significant supernatural perk from the breakthrough, even if it can't bypass the Haunt dependency. In so many ways, Zephaniah is like a Living Ghost, without need of a Haunt, and the virtue grants such a ghost a permanent major link to the world of the living. It must amount to something. Hmm, maybe any such ghost has the Return to Flesh Supernatural Power, the ability to become corporeal for a day at will, like Zephaniah, instead ? True, a Living Ghost could only use it inside the Haunt, but it would still be quite useful to have (no need of Rego spells to move things).

OTOH, the description of Zephaniah also suggests that CaN might make the Living Ghost Mystery obsolete, since Canaanite Magic apparently gives a dead magus with it all the persk and powers of a Living Ghost, without need of a Haunt. OTOOH, it is not specified whether owning CaN automatically allows a mage to become such an "awakened" ghost at death, or staying back as a ghost is still an unpredictable process, while the Living Ghost mystery allows the certainety of survival.

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