A question.

I am thinking about getting Feng Shui 2 and I already came up with a antagonist. They are a megacorp named Yusoda Technologies. Based in Tokyo, Japan, this corp supplies technology to clients around the world and has a generally good reputation which makes the police more likely to take their side in a scuffle. But, underneath this façade their is a evil underbelly. They are secretly servants of the Monarch of Shadow and are planning on claiming enough Feng Shui sites to release her from her prison.

My question is could they work as a pawn for the 4 Monarchs and how would you build their minions and their CEO, Yoshi Kanto?

Traditionally the Monarchs seems to mostly employed people using sorcery and martial arts, but I see no problem with them using technology. As such I see no problem for this corporation to work as minions but you should probably know that some flavor could be used to make them stand out from a run-of-the-mill Evil Corporation and make them not just a Weyland Industries copy but something the players will remember. I would suggest giving these guys, beyond the normal stuff for Evil Corporations, some things which ties in with darkness and the Mesoamerican theme of the Shadow Monarch. You can throw in evil priests or cult leaders with sorcery powers and crazy Aztec-style cultists as allies to the corporation, for example, as well as crocked archeologists (see Indiana Jones movies for this) who are helping the Corporation take control over Feng Shui sites in Latin and South America, if you won't mind letting the players travel a bit around the world.

As for mooks I would probably use the standard values given in the core book, arm them with guns that gives a "well armed and professional" feeling like SMGs and base their named characters around traditional corrupt/bad businessmen with a smattering of sorcerers and people in black suits who are unbelivable martial artists. As well as the unavoidable contacts with the criminal world. To this you could also employ some Chi Warrior trouble shooters who are coming in from the Netherworld for some more exotic enemies if needed.

In regards to the CEO I would probably run him as a boss with some sthicks appropriete to the theme and tactics you've set up for the coming end fight. But since I don't know where exactly you want to take this coroporation I can't give more details than that I think the CEO should be a kind of personification of the company. If the company mostly employed high tech stuff in the fights, it would feel wrong, at least to me, if he was a sorcerer or martial artist. While if you go heavy on corporation's ties with crazy cults in South America then I would say that him wielding two obsidian knives or using sorcerous powers would feel just right. :wink:

Those are at least my initial thoughts on the matter.