A quick apology to Sub Rosa readers (and Alex)

Hi guys.

Just a quick word to say that I missed deadline with the next "Beyond the fields we know" for Sub Rosa. I was planning to get it done last weekend, but I was hospitalised with gastroenteritis (too much detail?) and so I couldn't get my act together to hit deadline. I have started an article, but if I sent it in in its current form, the only sources it would be drawing from are the original request posts and Wikipedia, so it would be a poor quality article, and I didn't want to do that.

So, sorry if you were looking forward to seeing your faerie written up this time. I promise I'll get right on them, so that it won't slip again.

You should've gotten your s***t together. :smiley:

Sorry, couldn't resist :imp:

Be well, man.


No problems. When you're sick, you're sick.

Health comes first. Hobby stuff comes second. No biggie. :slight_smile: As long as you are OK to keep producing entricing material for the line, we are cool :stuck_out_tongue: Next sub rosa, then :slight_smile:

(still waiting for the 4-issue release of Sub Rosa 5-8)

And hey, we've worked with slight delays before, what's a little bit more?


So, do we know when the next issue is likely to be out?

Definitely in December.

Thanks Alex. I'm looking forward to it.