A Quicker Way to Make Characters

Hiya all.
Now, I do love me this game, but the character creation process is so long and involved I've started to lose players who don't think it's worth the time...

Any recommendations?

Here's what I did. Some people were patient and wanted to learn the system. They wanted to make their characters. So we did.

The others expressed worry and concern about the length of character creation, claiming it used too much math and formulas they couldn't both with since they do math at work and yadda yadda.

I asked them what sort of character they wanted.

Prior to everything, I did a bit of a friendly spiel about the Order, Houses, Realms, etc. and a question and answer type session, so people could get an idea of what it was about.

And thus was my Saga born. Seemed to work out fairly well, but for a few people wishing they had skills like "Finesse" which they swear they would have bought due to it's importance in Certamen (any guesses who that was?)... but hey, he shoulda built his character, and regardless, they're all having fun now!


The Metacreator software really takes the pain out of building characters. If memory serves, you can even just use the basic template characters as they're all built into the software.

Of course, that helps with the mechanics side of things. The character concept and priorities is still something to work through with the SG.

Duh, this is an excellent idea! I have it on my PC and my laptop and it makes things SO much easier! I swear by it! It's so second nature now, I guess I overlooked it.


Don't leave home without it.