A Request for Covenant Resources

"Salve Sodales!" Shortly after spring turns to summer, Tartessos speaks with the other magi regarding his summer lab work. "I believe that the best use of a Verditius is in the lab making new toys for covenant use. I propose to conduct two projects this season that will address critical covenant needs. First and foremost, I intend to craft an item to hasten plant growth. This can be used on the Date Palm, Olive trees, Pomegranates, or any other valued crops that have a very long lead time before they produce. The Date Palm, especially, takes decades to mature and can be used for food, alcoholic drink, and sugar production among several other uses. This will help address both food and income for the covenant"

From Acorn to Oak
CrHe 30
Base: CrHe 15, bring a plant to maturity in a single day
R: Touch (+1 magnitude)
D: Sun (+2 magnitudes)
T: Individual
Use/day: 1
Shape/Form: Almond (+3 CrHe), Hourglass (+3 speed)
When this hourglass is placed next to a planted seed, the sands will slowly run over the course of a day or night. During this time the plant will also grow to maturity and be ready to flower in the next appropriate season. Due to the magnitude of the effect, the plant receives one warping point.

"The Acorn to Oak project is the focus of my season, but will not use it entirely. Thus I propose a second side project. I firmly believe that despite rejecting Hagar Qim, the prosperity of our Brotherhood will rely utterly on sea borne trade and thus conflict with the local pirates is a foregone conclusion. I am utterly convinced of this inevitablity and thus believe we should prepare for confrontation. The second project, therefore, is a weapon that summons ballista bolts to strike our sea borne enemy.
Cost: 3 Creo or Herbam vis

The Titan's Bolt
CrHe(Te) 13
Base: CrHe3 create a treated and processed Herbam product
R: Voice (+2 magnitude)
D: Momentary
T: Individual
Prerequisite required for iron tipped bolt (+1 magnitude)
Use/Day: 6 (+3 levels)
Shape/Form: Dead Wood (+4 dead wood, bonus to affect), Bow (+destroy things at a distance)
When the user draws this bow and releases (as if firing a missile), a ballista bolt is created that flies to and strikes a single target within eyesight, dealing +10 damage (alternately, use City/Guild rules for sea warfare "softening up").
Cost: 2 Creo or Herbam vis

"The combined cost of these projects will be five Creo or Herbam vis, which I currently do not have, therefore I ask the council to release this amount to me to craft these items for Covenant ownership. What say you, Sodales?"

(OOC: It probably needs a rego requisite too, like for crystal dart)

[tab][/tab] Hmmm... I think I have seen that acorn spell. I think its a ritual cause the growth is permanent. (Yes I traced the earlierst version I had, Wizard's grimoire 3rd ed, Wizard's oak of no age. Definitely a ritual for permanent results :S )

I based it on it's nearest equivalent, Pilum of fire, which does not have a rego requisite. Crystal dart does, because you are using pre-existing material that is then moved to the target. Because of my special effect, I can see the argument going either way. Up to Silveroak.

Creating it from nothing is a ritual. Growing an existing plant is not. It may have changed from prior editions.

[tab][/tab] It definitely needs vis for Perm though :S


This is the latest of threads on the subject. You do not need vis because the plant exists already, and it is a creo improvement effect (rather than creo creation effect). For example, the similar Creo Corpus guidelines that increase healing (creo improvement effect) do not need vis either.

[tab][/tab] Awesomesauce.