A runic effect a day for November

I will be adding runic effects for the Vitkir from HMRE (page 120 onwards) over November. I've already put a lot on my blog as I have created nine sample vitkir already.

As a starter, here's an explicit worked version of something only outlined in the book - Method III is described but never actually shown in use.

(The Runemaster) marks his mark upon his rival - Mannaz 1, Method III. The caster scratches the runes including his target's name into a piece of paper. As long as his target was within ten paces during the casting time (usually two minutes), the runes now form an Arcane Connection to the target which can be used with any rune script that uses a target rune of Mannaz. The spell's level must be greater than the target's Magic Resistance, so level 1 is enough for mundane people (but a higher level will be needed for those carrying relics, with True Faith, etc.) When the Vitkir wishes to cast a spell on the target, the target must be within ten paces of the object with the runes inscribed so the paper is usually hidden within their household or slipped into their clothing.

Appreciated, thank you!

I, (the runemaster), will not disgrace myself in battle today - Perth(Tiwaz) 10
Scratched into a shield or weapon, these runes reduce the risk of botching attack or defense rolls in combat by two dice. Compare with the Othila base 15 guideline to reduce the botch dice from a specific weapon or tool by two dice - the Perth guideline requires a secondary rune, but removes one botch die per magnitude. Tiwaz affects attack and defense rolls (as per I, the runemaster, fight for my companions HMRE p136). A level 5 version to remove one botch die is easily researched by a laering, but higher level versions can be made by those paranoid that they may fatally botch in combat.

A handy summary of what's already in the "non-hermetic grimoire" thread:
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Some Tiwaz (T) effects, as I haven't created a vitkir using this rune much:

(The Runemaster) steels the hearts of the hunters. Tiwaz (Mannaz) 15. Method II - any person within ten paces of the runes (usually carved on a standard or symbol) gets a +3 bonus to personality rolls involving loyalty or bravery. This allows a Vitkir to gather together a group to hunt down monsters threatening their community

I, (The Runemaster) have the strength of my ancesters. Tiwaz 20, Method I - A Vitkir with a confidence score of 1 increases his confidence score to 2 while he wears these runes. A more self-confident Vitkir requires extra magnitudes on the runes.

I, (The Runemaster) laugh at ambushes - Tiwaz 15, Method I - The Vitkir can sense the direction in which the nearest person is located. Useless in a large crowd, this is very useful for Vitki who travel alone or for scouts looking for ambushes.

(Given Tiwaz' focus on battle and truth, I'm tempted to make a rune mage called Hugh with plenty of Makt in honour of Runequest)

I, (the runemaster), recognise makt where it is present - Perth 25, Method I. The Vitki gains the ability to sense and identify vis within about ten paces. Hermetic magic allows a lot of smaller effects to recognise vis, identify it, weight it - this combines it but at short range.

(The runemaster) inflicts Urdur's curse , Naudiz(Mannaz) 20,(method II) - Causes the one whose Arcane Connection is bound to these runes to feel such deep despair that they are unable to use confidence points as long as the runes last. In effect this duplicates the effect of the Low Self-Esteem flaw (ArM5 p55). The name comes from the fact that Urdur's followers are frequently fatalistic and suffer from this flaw (see Rival Magic)

Quick links to the Vitkir I've created before:
Ulric, an olunar specialist
Thorberg, a malrunar specialist
Rollo, a limrunar specialist
Njall, an Ingwaz specialist
Nannulf, a meginrunar specialist
Jango, a hugrunar specialist
Hakon, the Ehwaz specialist
Hafgrim, a brimrunar specialist - ignore the name in the URL, I changed his name to hafgrim halfway through creating the post but the URL stuck.
Gudrum, a biargrunar specialist

I have not done a sigrunar specialist because there is already one provided in the Vitkir chapter of HMRE.

Summaries of spells for the above:

I, Ulric Smithson, defy Gullveig – Algiz(perth) 10 – wards against hostile magic. Algiz base 10 wards all things appropriate to the secondary rune, and according to HMRE p135 “Often Perth is used to affect the supernatural realms, particularly magic. It can target vis, and can also target other spells and supernatural effects”.

I, Ulric Smithson, defy Surtur – Algiz(Kauno) 10 – wards against fire, heat, and feverish diseases. Algiz base 10 wards all things appropriate to the secondary rune, and looking at Kauno on HMRE p132 it includes all these things.

Ulric Smithson will not be thwarted – Naudiz 10 – grants a bonus of +2 to any ability rolls that Ulric has already tried once and failed.

Ulric Smithson feels lucky tonight – Perth 25 – grants +5 to any rolls involving pure chance

Ulric Smithson carves the runes cautiously – Perth 25 – reduces botch dice by 5 on rolls relating to the secondary rune, in this case Perth itself, reducing his magical botches by 5 dice. (similar to one diserasta posted)

Ulric Smithson senses the alfar’s realm – Perth 10 – allows the caster to sense Magic or Faerie auras. (similar to one diserasta posted)

Thorberg and Rollo's effects:

(The runemaster) makes this possession speak, Ansuz (Othila) 10 – the item engraved will repeat the words included in the casting runes when picked up. Othila requisite covers any item or tool that can be passed on as an inheritance so includes most weapons and tools. This could be cast on gifts with a Gebo requisite, but Thorberg finds this version more useful as he can use it to put alarms on his own items.

I, (The runemaster), recognize the creatures that haunt my people – Ansuz 20 – allows the Vitkir to recognize the form associated with the Might of any creature within about ten paces.

(The runemaster) chills the intruder – Isa(Mannaz) 10 – chills whoever disturbs the runes, causing them to lose a fatigue level.

I, (The runemaster), carve runes to close the flesh Berkanan 30 as per the spell on HMRE p129 but will heal a heavy wound or reduce one of a target’s wounds by three levels of severity

I, (The runemaster), carve the runes to ease the wound Berkanan 30 the target receives a +18 bonus to recovery rolls from physical injuries.

I, (The runemaster), make runes that completely heal Berkanan 40 completely heals a target’s wounds

I, (The runemaster), work hard all the day long Dagaz 20 the target receives a +4 bonus to activity rolls involving a regular day-long activity. Rollo uses this for looking after animals.

I, (The runemaster), paint the runes that tell the story, Wunjo 20 the target receives a +4 bonus to all natural ability rolls involving Presence

I, (The runemaster), carve the runes to break the fever Kauno 15 the target receives a +9 bonus to recovery rolls from sickness and disease

I, (The runemaster), carve the runes of maturity Dagaz(Berkanan) 30 – grows a target to maturity in a single day – the Berkanan requisite allows this rune to affect a human child, a young animal or a sapling. It can be used to grow a piglet into a fully grown pig for meat, or to take a rival’s heir and forcibly grow them to maturity and claim the fae took him as a changeling.

Njall's effects:

(The runemaster) blesses this house with many children, Berkanan(Ingwaz) 15 – carved into an object hung on a house, this blesses everyone inside it with potency and fertility.

(The runemaster) makes this a house of ill-repute, Berkanan(Ingwaz) 15 – carved into an object hung on a house, this ensures no-one inside can conceive, which is handy for brothels and anywhere that Njall is indulging his lust.

(The runemaster) blesses this hospital, Berkanan(Ingwaz) 15 – carved into an object hung on a house, this gives a +9 bonus to recovery from physical wounds.

(The runemaster) blesses this sickhouse, Kauno(Ingwaz) 15 – carved into an object hung on a house, this gives a +9 bonus to recovery from sickness and disease.

I, (The runemaster), am skilled at the medical arts – Kauno 15 – gives Njall a +3 bonus to diagnosing and treating disease and sickness.

(The runemaster) ignites this fire through the power of his words – Kauno 10 – ignites an extremely flammable target (this does +5 damage, with the result divided by 5 after rolling – see the base 15 guideline on HMRE p132).

(The runemaster) cares for his kin – gives Njall +3 to any ability rolls affecting his kinfolk.

(The runemaster) blesses this birthing-place – Ingwaz 20, ensures anyone inside a particular house gives birth easily and the baby is healthy, as long as the rune is in place throughout the pregnancy.

(The runemaster) keeps disease away, Jera (Ingwaz) 5 which ensures the house this rune is carved upon protects all the inhabitants from natural disease.

(The runemaster) helps you protect your kin, Ingwaz (Mannaz) 5 which gives the bearer of the runes +1 on all ability rolls to affect his household.

(The runemaster) burns this house like his namesake’s – Kauno (Ingwaz) 30, carved into a house this ignites everything inside that’s even barely flammable (including living creatures), doing +15 damage per round and this fire can’t be extinguished until the runes are removed (possibly by the house burning down), but any inhabitants on fire can be extinguished once they leave the building. Used with Life Boost, this can even penetrate a weak Aegis of the Hearth.

Nannulf's effects:

(The runemaster) holds his enemies fast – Isa(Mannaz) 20 – all humans within ten paces of the runes are immobilized. Casting total +13

(The runemaster) prepares the rune-slaying spear – Thurisaz 20 – as per HMRE p137 but Nannulf prefers arrows to spears. Casting +21

(The runemaster) clears a path through the forest – Thurisaz 15 – destroys plants in an area ten paces across. Casting +21

(The runemaster) sows a thorny harvest – Thurisaz 15 – caused thorny brambles to grow in an area ten paces across. Nannulf oftens carves this into an arrow he fires to try and block enemies in.

(The runemaster) calls forth the man-wolf – Thurisaz(Mannaz,Uruz) 20 – transforms humans within ten paces of the runes into wolves.

(The runemaster) makes your burden light – Uruz(Mannaz) 15 – reduces someone’s encumbrance by 3 levels.

(The runemaster) grants strength for your trials – Uruz(Mannaz) 15 – grants +3 to ability rolls including strength (like the spell on HMRE p138 but as method II with a Mannaz requisite can be used by any person, not just the caster).

(The runemaster) quenches desire – Isa(Mannaz) 15 – all humans within ten paces of the runes feel depressed and apathetic

(The runemaster) remembers Thrym’s wedding – Thurisaz(Mannaz) 20 – turns a human into a person of the opposite gender. The name is a reference to the event where Thor had to disguise himself as Freya.

Jango's effects:

(The runemaster) carves this rune for health – Jera(Mannaz) 5 – makes the target immune to natural disease and blight.

I, (The runemaster), carve the runes of longevity – Dagaz 10 – gives a 2 point bonus to aging rolls.

(The runemaster) carves this rune for health – Jera(Mannaz) 5 – makes the target immune to natural disease and blight.

(The runemaster) summons a bountiful feast – Jera 15 – summons food and drink via an Arcane Connection.

(The runemaster) burns the forest – Kauno(Ihwaz) 25 – ignites a slightly flammable target (living wood with the Ihwaz requisite) doing +10 damage to anything touching it.

I, (The runemaster), see through the false images Sowilo 15 – allows the vitki to see through illusions of level 15 or less and into regiones as if he had second sight.

I, (The runemaster), see in the dark of night – Sowilo 10 – allows the vitki to see in the dark as if it were daylight.

I, (The runemaster), feel the Vitkrist’s presence – Sowilo 10 – allows the vitki to detect Divine or Infernal auras within 10 paces, and identify their strength.

I, (The runemaster), call forth the darkness – Sowilo 20 – extinguishes all light within ten paces of the runes.

I, (The runemaster), walk unseen – Sowilo 20 – the vitki becomes invisible.

I, (The runemaster), laugh at the north wind – Sowilo 25 – the vitki becomes more resistant to cold immune to the ill effects of exposure.

I, (The runemaster), have the wisdom of the skald – Ihwaz 15 – Adds +3 to the vitki’s Ability rolls using Intelligence.

I, (The runemaster), imitate the Vitkrist – Ihwaz 25 – animates a corpse or carcass.

(The runemaster) summons the earthly remains – Ihwaz 35 – summons a corpse or a carcass, as long as it is not protected by sacred ground.

(The runemaster) calls to the forest – Ihwaz 35 – summons a tree.

Hakon's and Hafgrim's effects

I, (The runemaster) , ask for Frey’s guidance (Ehwaz 30) grants +6 to all rolls performed while mounted (base guidelines on HMRE p130)

I, (The runemaster), summon a noble steed (Ehwaz 30) summons a horse, which obeys the summoners instructions (Hakon uses this for summoning, as he is inoffensive to animals and as a professional horseman he doesn’t need to magically tame horses)

(The runemaster) blesses your band (Mannaz 15) – grants +3 bonus to all ability rolls involving working with others, such as fighting in a group (base guideline). As a Mannaz rune, it already has a Mannaz requisite built-in so can be cast on others.

I, (The runemaster), see through the waves Laguz 5, allows the caster to see clearly through water

I, (The runemaster), summon forth the lake Laguz 10, summons water up to 10 paces across and deep from a freshwater source Hafgrim has an arcane connection to. Birgis uses it to refill barrels of water on board ship, to irrigate crops at home, and as a trap – he lives on a clifftop with steps leading up to it, and carves these runes on a step near the top. If the runes are disturbed, a ton of water pours forth to push people down the stairs with hazardous consequences.

I, (The runemaster), tame the wild waves Laguz 25, doubles the speed of the ship these runes are carved on.

I, (The runemaster), call my carriage Raido 35, summons a ship or cart

I, (The runemaster), soothe the seas and skies Hagalaz 20 cause the weather to be less severe

Gudrum's effects:

I, (The runemaster), smell precious things – Fehu 20 – allows the caster to detect precious metals within ten paces.

I, (The runemaster), rob my enemies blind – Fehu 35 – summons wealth which the caster has an arcane connection to. Gudrum will use his skill in legerdemain to remove a tiny piece of someone’s wealth and then summon the rest when he is in a magic aura. “Wealth” can be precious items or a domesticated animal, so he could cut a lock of animal fur and then summon it.

(The runemaster) carves these runes to beggar his enemy – Fehu(Mannaz) 10 – causes the victim to suffer a -2 penalty on all his ability rolls involving the acquisition or retention of wealth.

I (The runemaster) carve this rune for my health – Jera 5 – keeps the runemaster healthy and strong, immune to natural illness and blight.

(The runemaster) blesses the work – Jera 10 – adds +2 to something performed for the whole year, as per HMRE p131. He will increase his ability when he reaches a point in his career he can spend a whole year studying the same rune, or so much money he can spend a whole year carousing.

(The runemaster) summons a bountiful feast – Jera 15 – summons food and drink. The guideline isn’t clear about how this is done, but I envision Gudrum stealing an arcane connection to a cooking vessel or beer barrel and then stealing from it.

(The runemaster)clouds the homeowner’s mind – Ingwaz(Mannaz) 10 – provides a -2 penalty to ability rolls dealing with the home. Gudrum will carve this into a homeowner’s possession stealthily, and then take advantage of the homeowner being at a penalty to protect their own home.

Day 8 rune script:

I, (The runemaster), carve runes to keep the cold out , Algiz(Isa) 10, Method I - wards the runemaster against ice and cold. While easier to study than the Sowilo level 25 effect to ignore cold, this rune script has the obvious effect that ice can't touch the caster and they will leave an obvious trail when they walk through snow and it is pushed aside by the ward.

Day 9 rune script:

(The runemaster) blesses the days of this house, Dagaz (Ingwaz) 10, Method II - carved into a house, everyone within it gains a 2 point bonus to aging rolls as long as they spend the majority of the year there. This is popular for Vitkir family homes, and for hreppar. The reverse can be hidden in a house to curse its inhabitants.

This level is very achievable for starting vitkir, but having two runes at a higher level means higher levels require a lot of xp sunk. By comparison, a Sucurro Salutem amulet with target structure is a lot higher level (base 2 +3 season + 3 structure for level 20, need at least 4 charges to last a year so minimum lab total 36) and will need remaking so learned magicians would be better off restricting the benefits to a few friends and making an amulet with a group target (which is 2 magnitudes lower) and making use of a nativity chart of the group's leader.

Day 10 rune script:

(The Runemaster) protects against the raging winds, Algiz (Hagalaz) 10, Method II - protects against harsh weather phenomena within ten paces of the runes. Carved into the central mast of a ship, this allows a knarr no more than twenty paces long to survive storms.

Day 11 rune script
I, (The Runemaster), summon the storm-giant's winds, Hagalaz 25, Method I - after inscribing these runes, winds start to circle near the runes and slowly build up over minutes into a tornado that proceeds to move at random. (This script follows the format of the level 15 example The Runemaster summons Thor's lightining and thunder, HMRE p131, but uses the level 25 guideline.

Day 12 rune script
I, the runemaster, call down the sky's fury, Hagalaz(mannaz) 20, Method II - the runemaster binds an arcane connection to these runes, and the unfortunate victim will be hit by hail doing (stress die +5) damage. This effect can be cast over and over again. It can also be used as a trap for those who disturb the runes.

This obviously gives everyone Warping (for being a continuous effect) - which just makes the reverse an even nastier curse!
I like it!

I'm loving these scripts, darkwing! Very creative!