A series of questions about linked triggers

I've looked around on this forum some, and found a couple partial answers as noted, but I'm interested in what you all think about the following aspects of linked triggers:

  1. Does the linked trigger modification open the effect to activation by links, or does it comprise a specific linkage? In other words, if the effect can be triggered by two separate linked triggers(I assume you allow this, I guess I could see how you might not), does it require the modification once or twice?

  2. How sophisticated is the triggering mechanism? If an effect has several triggers does it simply always activate when any of them are fulfilled or can the mechanism apply basic logical operators (and, or, not, xor, nand)

2a. If you wouldn't allow the mechanism to apply the operators, I assume you could pass the triggers through another effect that performs the operation, probably an intelligo vim effect, but what guideline would you use? I'm inclined to lean on the detect active magic guideline minus a couple magnitudes since the signals the effect is receiving are intended on being detected, probably 1 or 2, but I could maybe be convinced of 3.

  1. Would you allow a trigger received by a concentration effect(item maintains) to end that effect? Would you allow it if the trigger was mediated through a logical operation(ie. Through the effects discussed in 2)? In essence can an effect receive an "off" trigger, or remain "on" until the trigger deactivates? Would you allow this with a different duration than concentration?

A charecter of mine is wants to make an item that catches metamagic spells with maintain the demanding spell for use with ceremonial casting, and Ive been investigating the possibilities with linked effects

First: Have you (re-)read the material in Legends of Hermes regarding triggers?
In particular the guideline in the box, p. 107.

More direct answers:

  1. I'd discuss allowing this with my troupe. If it was decided to allow multiple triggers for the same Effect, I'd certainly require each trigger condition to take the modifier for the modification.
  2. I'd assume that if any one condition is true, then the effect is activated (logic OR). Triggering conditions can be fairly complex and contain their own logic (I think...). I would be weary of allowing things like "Activate when any 2 or more conditions from this list are fulfilled."
    2a: This is where I'd start using the ReVi guideline from LoH, p. 107. that is assuming I understand your question correctly.
  3. Could you elaborate, please?

Sorry the op is a little obtuse, I shoulda just gone to bed last night

  1. Makes sense to me, the hermetic projects chapter on the living corpse contains several enchantments that utilize several triggers (they're all 1environmental 1 linked I think)

  2. I had a brain fart and looked in hermetic projects, but I turns out that there actually is a relevant price of info on page 107 of that, it's using items with 2 triggers (1environmental 1 linked) and the item seems to only trigger when both triggers are satisfied (logical and)

2a. I think so, you just make an effect like:
Revi 11
Activates [effect] when exactly one of the linked
triggers activates this effect
(Base 5 | +3 linked trigger +3 linked trigger)

  1. For example, you have a ring that turns you invisible when you put it on your left ring finger, could you also instil an effect that watches for a mental command and turns the invisibility off via a linked trigger to the invisibility spell (kind of a dumb item but bear with the example lmao)

Projects? Which page? I'm not seeing it on p. 107, but I might be blind?

3.1 I'm not sure that would require a linked trigger. I'd probably end up trying to force my troupe to discuss it.
3.2 Remember that the effect that watches for mental commands is a continual effect, so there' a Warping issue (potentially). You did mention it was a stupid effect, but...

EDIT: I should maybe also go on record as being less-than-entirely comfortable using formal logic and boolian operators 6 centuries (or so) before the birth of George Boole :wink: