.. a short slip of etiquette...

[size=117][b]I will now dare to go off topic and wish you all a very merry and joyous season!

May it be white and may the coming year be plentyfull of occasions for great roleplay![/b][/size]

Ditto (and thank you Furion)

What they said.

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?
Another year over, a new one just begun.

Thanks for the wishes and have a Merry Christmas, all!

'Tis a Flaming Flambeau trick! :stuck_out_tongue:
We know they don't celebrate Christmas in such a peaceful manner.

But just in case , Have a Good One anyway. :mrgreen:

Happy holidays! If your magi have been good, I hope the redcaps hide lots of vis in your covenant.

Thanks and happy holidays to you all. :slight_smile:

Joyeux Noël! :smiley:

HoHoHo und fröhliche Weihnachten :smiley:

Glædelig Jul !! :smiley:

Gary Krimble to you
Gary Mimble to you
Gary Babel, Dear Christmas
Happy Birthday, Me too.

Thank you and I hope you all had a great holiday (a bit tardy but I was home for the holidays :slight_smile:)

.... and a very happy New Year to you all!! :smiley:

Huffy goo rear!