A Short Story I wrote some time ago

Salve Sodales,

The following is a short story I had written around a month back as a way to explore a topic I never believed was shown in most ars games I have been in. The story is about the son of my Archmagus in the saga I play in during the most recent downtime we had done.

The story can be a bit confusing since it was particularly written for myself and the members of my Saga, so I wanted to share it with some healthy context.

Link to the Story (Google Docs): Gruffud, Spring of 1263 - Google Docs

The story's focus is Teithwyr of Bonisagus, or Gruffud (his baptized name), the son of my PC Archmage Contremisce of Bonisagus. Gruffud was a kid who grew up with extensive magical enhancements and teaching that made him an exceptionally gifted and powerful Magus as he grew older, but at the cost of having a crisis of identity and a perpetual case of Imposter Syndrome. The philosophy of how he came to this point is further explained in the story.

The short story begins directly after Gruffud managed to, through some planning and lucky rolls, dispel a second sun he had accidentally created in the sky alongside the original sun. Rather than ask more senior magi for assistance, he pooled his resources and that of his chapter covenant together to dispel the problem before the entirety of Europe fell into hysteria. His plan was successful, but the wounds he sustained were enough to put him on the shelf for the entirety of the Spring season. The opening italicized section is Gruffud's tired, strained mind recalling the events that occurred.

One more note, slightly spoilery, but the italicized sections are meant to try and represent the times Gruffud is having either an out of body experience or when he feels like a stranger in his own body and can only perceive what is happening as an outsider rather than a participant. I have been told it can be difficult to understand or a slog to go through, so I hope this clarifies what it's supposed to be. I will likely be improving how I write these kinds of stories from now on.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the story as my Saga members have. I know I certainly enjoyed writing it!

BBQ Jack