A Unexpected Death

The Verditius magi form my Chronicle "Hilobia Harrikodarraren" [grebas.gratisforo.net/t126-partida-de-ars-en-grebas-harrikodarraren-hilobia] has dead.
He died experimenting in the lab. First he roled a result for a Story or Strange event. After of that he botched and the both result in a 36 (the level of the enchantment taht he was instilling in a stone skeleton figurine more a simple roll for the damage), after to see the damage roll total agaisnt the soak total, he died. Very.
I've thought make the next story.
The story is that in the tools there were an elemnt crafted by his enemy of the Grduge (he had this Flaw), and the elemnt atrackted a Lugra of the stonecraft accidents. But the magi is now trapped in the only rest of the Invested item, the Rocky skull.
Now te players must see the result of all that things.

So, is he dead or only in a kind of "strange twilight" episode? Can he be recovered or is he a NPC from now on?

The story that you have crafted sounds cool, and can certainly develop into a powerful political story arc if you accuse the other magus in the grudge of causing the death of a magus by his actions. Well done :slight_smile:


By Rules was a quick death, by great damage. But, he was a Dwarf Blooded Dwarf Verditius Magi with high Terram Score, the Conscience trapped in th skull or he transformed in a NPC Magic Thing is appropiated, since the Effect he was instilling was a Rego Terram on the Skeleton itself.
Thanks, if you want inspire yourself inthis event, je, go for it.
One Observation, this is the only RPG with more possiblity of death out of plane that any other. And that is cool in some times.

That sounds like a really good use for an otherwise tragic and somewhat randon PC death.

Why not to propose to the player to continue playing it as a magic thing? playing magic thing is possible in the rules, looking in the magic realm

Yeah, but he is a newbie in all-RPG thing, a no-human or living being is more difficult to roleplaying. He's going to be a Criamon Seeker, and i'll use the Skull like a NPC.
Another reason, the Death is a frightening and important isue, i prefer make it important to all the group.

I understand if he is a newbie...
I would have been happy to play it, but I am not a newbie
A Criamon Seeker, what a nice idea :slight_smile:

I feel you are right to use that death for further scenarios...

Personnally I would avoid to die to early... but I am playing in solo...

Oooh, sounds like a real old-school demi-lich...

Or a mimir from Planescape, like Monte from the CRPG Torment.

OK, so maybe this doesn't quite fit the Ars paradigm...


(who has been Jarkman since way back in the days of Steve Winter's "I am the Mimir..." still over at mimir.net after all these years!)

Not really. It should be possible learn and obtain a Idea about how works the Magical Things or the Transference process (Integration and Insight possible), but, the Skull is sure that it has lost the Gift, the Faerie Blood and very virtues in the change.

that should work

A Human Skull gets a +05 S&M Bonus to Destroy or Control Ghosts , +10 if it is the skull of a particular person.

Considering the circumstances , it is quite likely that there is a ghost of the deceased magus.
The Rocky Skull has the consciousness of the deceased magus , a separate thing to the mind of a ghost.
As the circumstances of the Lab Work involved Rego Terram ,
i could see the skull being able to control the ghost with a Rego-type magical ability.
The consciousness resident in the skull is an arcane connection to the ghost
and even if the skull is not that of the actual magus you get a +05 S&M bonus.

Depending what happened to the Lab , the Skull , even if having lost all Hermetic magic ,
still has Magic Theory and a ghostly magus Lab assistant.

As the magus was Dwarf-blooded you can make a case for a 3rd incarnation as a Faerie.
If there is not enough time for stories to spontaneously generate such a being ,
then an existing Trickster-type fae could imitate said magus ,
possibly even making a deal with the Skull to do so.

When confronted by Hermetic magi in distant places:
Q: "Say , didnt you die in a horrendous lab accident"
A: "Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated"
A: "I did , but i got better"
A: "Thank-you for inviting me into your Covenant"