A Variant Nyambe Map for the World of Greyhawk

Not too long ago (Aug 2017, it turns out), I posted a thing on Twitter … I was revisiting a fan-project I'd started years before. And I nearly came unglued when not just @AtlasGames liked it (because I'd tagged them), but John Nephew replied on the thread, personally!

But, I thought I'd share it with y'all here, as well ... because I thought someone might like it.
It's a conversion of Nyambe to use with the "World of Greyhawk" setting. The continent called "Hepmonaland" (or also "Melavi") is the fantasy/mythical Africa-analog. But, there's only a very small amount of stuff available for it. Just one chapter of a rather small book, honestly.

I use Nyambe to flesh it out, and so, since I needed to be able to easily tell my players where things are, and what converts to what … so, I made this map, based on the official maps of Nyambe and Melavi.
Click the map to see a high resolution version!
More places to play = more people to play with!