Abe's Ideas

item(wand of a thousand odors)
this wand can send out ANY odor the user can imagine!
made of iron covered in skunk hide!

fossilize muto(herbum, animal, corpus)25
the parts in the prenthasiese are because you can fossilize plants, people or animals!
tell me what you think of this spell!

job search!
you find a local that can use some help you can help with!
inteigomentum 25
duration-sun(long enough to find the person basically)

any thought on my spells or items?

whoops there it is
Creo(any) gen
you can conjure any object that can disrupt another wizards spell(must be a physical object in most cases)the bigger the level the most disrupting the effect
what do you think?

Same as some people voiced in this thread many moons ago.


Pinnocio power!
base effect-you animate a SINGLE puppet for a SINGLE purpose!
range touch
what do you fine people think?

I think automata already covers this.

There are a dozen or more ways to do "Pinnocio". Automata is only needed if you want it to have skills.

maybe, however this is a temporary automata, NOT a permanent one.

It's not even a temporary Automata, because it has no skills. But still very useful.

mouth burn
you cause the target to feel as if you mouth is on fire(the target MUST have a mouth to be effected by this spell)

a variant of noah's tounge-insect tounge
basically you can communicate with insects!
range sight/touch(depends on weither or not you can see the insects you wish to talk with)
what do you think?

future echos
the caster will receive RANDOM visions of the future, but only when moving( a carrage ride will do)
range-self or for 1 mangnitude higher journey
duration-movement(see spell description)
target-ind or for 1 magnitude higher touch
what do you fine people think?

Why only when moving?

Violates the Limit of Time

As does abe.

I was thinking of the tv show "red dwarf" at the time,that's why ( you would have to see the episode of the same name to get the point, sorry)

random act-regocorpus 25
makes the victim act in a RANDOM way, granted this is mostly used by fey, but could work
duration-inst(works for 1 motion only)

If the target acted in a random way, how could the caaster truly know that the spell did anything at all? Because one random effect could be to continue doing what he was doing before the spell was cast. Or maybe he intended to spit three times, stand on his hands and then sing a shanty?