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With the herbum requirement you might be able to tell if matzo bread/meal was made correctly?

Could speed reading be considered a skill, a spell, or both?

Skill probably. Hermetic magic really doesn't do much meddling with time.

The Ritual Memory Palace of the Sage (TMRE p.27) is an exception.

As the spell is cast, the magus magically reads through the book, reading the
entire text (no matter the length) in the exact time it takes to cast the spell. The
pages seem to rustle by as if caught in the wind. Once memorized, the magus does not require an actual copy of the text to study or transcribe it.

Note that a book memorized like this still needs to be read at usual speed for studying and learning its contents.

Excellent, that would answer that.

Trivia as a skill: would it be practical for game use? If so how would it be used?

I think not, as people can answer Trivia based on existing knowledge, and it's challenging to imagine how one could focus on Trivia. By it's nature it's unstructured learning. You could have a trivia question about the wood use to make a jousting lance, followed by a question about constellations, followed by a question about the name of a famous pastry from Paris, etc.

If you wanted a score, I'd suggest adding all the levels in skills that are knowledge focused. Area lore, artes liberales, etc and divide by 5.
Then add all levels in non-knowledge skills and divide by 25.

Add the 2 number, trivia score.
The divide by 5 and 25 is just a rough thought. Other may think divide by 10 and 50, or something else may be better.

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Monster (duckbunny) not quite sure how to make this creature. Think a platypus but minus the beaver tail and you come close to what it looks like. Ability wise the only thing that comes to mind is a surprise bite that makes people drop them if they fail a will roll or the equivalent. Other than what I just said, I need a LOT of help on this creature. Obviously it’s a creature of virtue though.

There is the old saying
" If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it just may be a duck".
As it is a "Duckbunny", we want to avoid it swimming or quacking like a duck. :slight_smile:

I'd have it generally move by hopping like a bunny, while being able to flap it's duck style wings and fly once in the air, if needed. I'd have it swim using it's big bunny ears combined with it's bunny feet, to do an exceptionally quick backstroke. Some powers related to exceptional swimming speed and exceptional leaping ability seems sensible as well as the capacity to fly, though not great flight.

A violent bunny bight with the classic bunny big teeth is an option.
If the platypus is an inspiration, a cripplingly painful poison spur attack, like the real platypus is an option.

New lab item:regenerating stone:it’s basically what it says it is. Useful for trying various Terran spells?

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Possibly yes, actually. Interesting.

A ever blowing bellows might work in the same way for arum spells in lab work?

How would you fine people use the yo-yo as a weapon in ars magica terms?

As (part of a) Talisman extending a maga's R: Touch?

I really wouldn't.
Yoyos aren't something that really existed in medieval Europe. They had some presence in China and India but didn't hit Europe until the 18th Century.

For a similar effect, try a whip instead.

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Here is a (most likely) yo-yo from ancient Greece.

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