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So, no using Pilum of Fire on demons? No Incantation of Lightning?

Also, why? Is there an argument for this, other than 'I want demons to be a real threat to magi!'?

Yes, it's called The Limit of the Infernal. Any spell that only reacts to a demon effectively detects that something is a demon, which is explicitly something hermetic magic is bad at.

And I didn't say demons should be immune to magic. Go ahead, and pilum of fire them all you want. I just disagrees with "Pilum of Fire that only burns a demon".

My apologies, I misread your comment.

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Bugman’s mug:effect:you cure drunkenness!
Duration: instant
Target: individual
Regocorpus 10?
Focus:a drinking horn?(+3?)

If it is healing a disease-like effect, it is Creo Corpus. Based on the guideline, healing the debilitating effect of a poison (alcohol is a king of poison), the base is 20.
So Creo Corpus "Peaceful Next Morning", R: Touch (+1), Base 20, so 25.

It is a bit steep for an handover cure, you might consider that as healing a minor wound, that would decrease the base to 15 for a final 20.


I suspect spending vis on curing hangover will be severly frowned upon or even mocked in even the most vis-rich covenant, and that even if vis wasn't a concern, spending 75m on a ritual to cure hangover will not seem like a good idea. Make sure to add in a sun duration.

Aniperson:effect:any animal that you become is human like in form(think teenage mutant ninja turtles for inspiration of this spell in our world)
Mutocorpus (animal)30
Interesting spell huh?

If it changes an animal into a human(-oid) shape, it would be MuAn(Co), not MuCo(An). Not that it makes much difference.

Ok, just a thought. It was designed for the house of wizards that can change into animals naturally.

Sleigh f&m bonus:+3 to movement
+2 to carry capacity?

New spell (working title, brown note)
Effect:you make either a person or an animal poop, in their pants in the case of a person. You must play some sort of music to cast this spell.
Regocorpus (animal) 20?

Depending on how you want it to work, would you maybe need an Aquam requisite?

Rego corpus has at level 2 "Make a target lose control of a body part." Bowel, sphincter, even without a name, I'm confident medieval Europe knows an internal muscle has control of poop and can be targeted.

base 2, range voice +2, target individual +0, duration momentary +0. Only level 4. Group is only level 10.

Move it up to boundary +4, and you could make an entire city simultaneously be hit by the brown note. You might want to extend the range to sight, for level 25, as I'm not sure a magi would want to be voice range of the city walls when that spell goes off.

New spell? Power word, BURP!(working title)
Basically you make the target belch!
Regocorpus (animal)10?
Any thoughts?

For Jewish magi:detect kosher!
Inteligomentum(animal, herbum)40?
Basically you can detect kosher food (useful if your not sure if the food your served is kosher or not)
Duration:prayer?(best guess on my part, might be a new duration?)
Any thoughts on this spell?

So there's no need for Mentem here.
It's just Intellego Animal (Base 5): Learn the origin, age, and history of something made of animal products.

As almost all of the restrictions for Kosher food are specific to animal products I don't think you would need the Herbam requisite, but you could include it if you wanted to be sure that (for example) your bread doesn't contain any animal derived products.

Base 5
Target: Vision (+4)
Range: Personal (+0)
Duration: Concentration (+1)
End result: Lv 30

You could also make a hearing or smell range version of this spell, but vision would probably be more convenient.

Considering all the caster wants to know is kosher, I'd be kinder and say base 4. Base 5 is giving a lot more information than kosher/non kosher.

Also why concentration instead of momentary? Caster only needs to know kosherness once.
If there's multiple courses, I'd imagine it better to cast each course, rather than concentrate on a spell for an entire meal.

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I play a Bonisagus, every spell and item I make is over-engineered.

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If one want to argue, one can say "kosher" is a religious criteria (with a mundane definition) and only holy magic from rabbi can really work. Hermetic magic can tell the properties of a food item, but the person needs to be knowledgeable in kashrut to judge if those properties are matching kosher criteria.

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What about from Jewish magi?