Abe's Ideas

This thread is a place for Abe to post any IDEA he has. I ask that the people of the forum only answer Abe in this or his other exclusive thread. This is an effort to centralize Abe's ideas and clean up the board.

xanth(farie rego?)
the native get talents(inate magic)good idea?

new spell(hang of the fly)
effect you can hang from ANY serface!
target-your hands & feet.
tell me what you fine people think of this spell!

Xanth had waves of colonization.
The mundanes had no power , but children born there did get talents.
Talents were highly variable in power though.

what do you think of the spell named hang of the fly?

Well, for one it'd be a Rego Corpus effect... And it'd have Personal/Individual. So then you could hang from your forehead if so inclined. Other'n that; good idea...

I'd probably do it as a Muto Corpus (Animal) effect. Rego Corpus is good for levitation, but controlling your body so that you just "stick" there would probably take Finesse.

double post, please ignore


fire vision!
dragon wings!
how to make them no idea!

In what sense were you looking to do this? Adding them to a person or to an animal?

either is fine.

new spell-speed read
effect-this spell allows the caster to read & comprehend the writen word at 3 times the normal speed of the caster normal rate
tell me what you think of it!

Well, Dragon Wings on a person would be a MuCo(An). I don't have my books so I can't comment on a lvl. Check the guidelines for changing part of a human body to another form (like "Arm of the Infant").

Not sure what Fire Vision means. If it is a way of augmenting a person's vision then it's either CrCo (to sharpen their vision) or MuCo (to allow them to see something that can't normally be seen). Either way, look at MuCo "Eyes of the Cat" for a reference. If you mean that you can see something in fire, or through fire then you want an InIg spell. Look at InAu for a reference there is a spell that allows you to see through smoke for 10th lvl IIRC.

fire vision is the ability to shoot fire out of your eyeballs.

Then it is an ordinary CrIg spell, of which there are plenty already described in the rule book. The fact the fire "shoots out of your eyeballs" is entirely cosmetic and has no game effect whatsoever; the designer of the spell is free to make it look like however he wants.

Cough! Splutter! Are you bonkers or just on another plane? Or just obsessed with the spell ideas that certain other games use, and obsessed with trying to push them at Ars Magica players?

You aren't talking about "Sight of the fires" at all... Duh!

What about shooting fire out of your arse instead. :laughing:

Well, first you need to find a good name... :unamused:

Well duh! Montezuma's Revenge!